Vendor Management Service - effective supplier management

  • Easy management of suppliers and external consultants
  • Consolidation of purchases, invoicing and contracts
  • No monopoly - your IT department can maintain cooperation with specialized suppliers
  • All consultants covered by ProData Consult's professional liability insurance

Lower costs for administration

With ProData Consult's Vendor Management Service (VMS), you can leave the management of suppliers and external IT consultants to us, while maintaining complete freedom of choice.

It can be resource-intensive and risky to manage multiple suppliers and external consultants, as the parties involved often have different contractual hourly rates, insurance, etc.

That's why ProData Consult offers Vendor Management Service, which collects all or part of the administration of external consultants, whether they are freelance consultants or consultants from various agencies.

Benefits of ProData Consult's Vendor Management Service:

  • Consolidated processes for hiring, billing and contracting consultants
  • Effective hedging
  • Lower administration costs
  • Easy management of contract extensions, end of contract and hourly rates using ProData Consult's free online consultant administration module
  • Overview of all expenditures for consultants and consulting services for the entire company with our free online consultant administration module
  • A very competitive management fee, due to our efficient IT systems
  • All consultants are covered by ProData Consult's professional counselor liability
  • Continue to use your preferred suppliers or individual consultants while benefiting from a consolidated supplier portfolio

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