Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality of our delivery is important to us, and with our unique and automated quality assurance system, we can monitor the delivery quality at all times. To make the process as transparent as possible, our quality department regularly updates the status of satisfaction with our services - you can see this status in real-time through our online administration module.

  • An ongoing opportunity to assess the impact and value that ProData Consult's coorporation has throughout your organization
  • With ProData Consult's quality assurance system, you get access to quick and transparent monitoring of the consultants' performance

ProData Consult's quality assurance system, provides quick and transparent monitoring of the consultants' performance

Consultant performance is the lifeblood of ProData Consult - we monitor it, evaluate it and share the results with our clients. Each consultant is evaluated at agreed intervals, depending on the scope and complexity of the task, and during the contract period, we also arrange a final evaluation of the consultant's overall performance.

You can always monitor ProData Consult's overall performance as well as the individual consultant's performance using our free online administration module.

ProData Consult has received client evaluations of more than 1,000 consultants.

How do we measure performance and evaluate cooperation?

The process is simple but effective:

  • For each consultant, a continuous online evaluation is automatically generated at agreed intervals. The evaluation form does not take more than 30 seconds to complete.
  • When a consultant completes their task, a final evaluation is automatically generated, which is just as simple to fill out as the continuous form.
  • The client can use our free consultant administration module at any time to monitor each ProData consultant's performance as well as our overall performance with the client.
  • ProData Consult can always check our consultant performance for the total consultant delivery as well as our consultant performance with each client.
  • Our Quality Department periodically sends out quality reports, illustrating our consultants' performance with clear graphics

Our goal is to have a response rate for our total consultant delivery at +80% in order to have a credible statistical basis and an overall average evaluation score of 3.5 or above on a scale of 1-5 (see scale below).

Total consultant performance in 2019 ProData Consult


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