Ebook: Tips for Nearshoring

Some of the topics in this e-book include:

Find the right expertise in Poland

Nearshoring can give your business easy access to the IT expertise you lack. We are seeing an increased demand for IT specialists with construction expertise - software developers, system analysts, and IT architects. These skills in particular are abundantly available in Poland.

By nearshoring to Poland, you gain quick access to a large volume of IT experts who can deliver the quality solutions your business needs. And contrary to what many people believe, it’s quite simple to get started and get fast results.

Puncture your preconceptions

Over the years, many businesses have burned their fingers on offshoring. Projects in countries such as India and China have failed to deliver either savings or progress. For this reason, we find that many companies are hesitant to take the plunge into a nearshoring project, because they are concerned that they will encounter the same challenges typically experienced in relation to offshoring. But although the concept is based on the same idea - finding labor in a different country - there are fundamental differences between offshoring and nearshoring.

In this publication, we try to puncture some of the most common preconceptions our clients typically have about nearshoring. And we also explore why Poland in particular is an obvious choice when considering nearshoring. Finally, we share some quick tips and tricks on how to launch a nearshoring project which is a success from day one.

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