Ebook: Things you need to know about nearshoring

For instance, in this Ebook, you can read read about:

  • Why nearshoring is not a cost-cutting exercise.
  • Why offshoring and nearshoring is not the same.
  • Why nearshoring is not just for large companies.

And much more…

Over the years many companies have had poor experiences with offshoring, where projects, in for example, India and China have failed to reduce costs or provide progress. Some of these unsuccessful offshoring projects may be one of the reasons why many companies are very reluctant, when it comes to moving IT-development across country borders.

We believe, that the reluctance we experience is caused by a variety of widespread misconceptions about the opportunities nearshoring brings to the company, and what nearshoring is in general. To help alleviate some of these concerns, we have made a collection of things, you need to be aware of/know about before accepting or dismissing it as an opportunity.

We hope this publication can provide the basis for better insight into what nearshoring is and hopefully help disprove some of the negative preconceived notions you may have.


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