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A flexible and scalable model for quick access to the IT competences your company needs.

IT competences do not have to be a scarce resource

Still more companies today experience challenges in relation to acquiring the right IT specialists. Because of the lack of IT competences, IT is becoming more and more of a bottleneck and, thus, getting in the way of the business' needs. It costs on the subject of time-to-market and orders.

But if you look to Poland and its huge IT-potential, it does not have to be such a hurdle.

Many mistakenly assume that nearshoring is a long and arduous process, where a long time must pass, before one can begin to reap the benefits. In fact, with an established and professional supplier it is relatively simple and can take between 30-45 days, before you have a team ready to execute and deliver results.

Hear what our clients have to say about nearshoring


What is Nearshoring as a Service

With ProData Consult Nearshoring as a service you get access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, and you will profit from the large amount of highly specialized and competent IT specialists Poland can offer.

We will handle all the practicalities. In other words, we will provide offices, infrastructure, hardware, and of course high quality IT resources - in short; we will take care of the entire setup.

From when you make the decision to use a nearshoring setup, it will take less than 45 days until you have a fully operational team. At the same time, you can at any time be clear of all obligations within a maximum of 30 days.    

We can scale to fit any team size that you need; we have clients with two consultants and clients with +100.

We offer our Nearshoring as a Service from our offices in Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz in Poland - Here, you can read why Poland is our preferred nearshoring destination.

What you can expect

Our priority is to deliver the best and most qualified IT consultants. We prioritize quality and competence over hourly rates. Although there is an economical incentive in nearshoring, we believe that the value lies in the IT consultants' competences, scalability, and our capability as a provider of consultants to understand your needs. With ProData Consult you can expect:

  • Qualified and competent senior IT consultants.
  • A high-qualified and scalable service tailored for your business' needs.
  • An experienced provider with a long track record of delivering nearshoring services.     
From when you make the decision to use a nearshoring setup, it will take less than 45 days until you have a fully operational team.

It's this simple - 'plug and play'

A model that provides the opportunity of fast, flexibly, and effectively to scale up and down. 

Choose consultants

The client provides specifications of the competences and number of the consultants required. Afterwards, ProData Consult will deliver CVs of senior IT consultants that match the requirements. Lastly, the right consultants are chosen in collaboration with the client.

We handle the setup

We customize a solution for each individual client. We provide a full logistical package and setup, which includes offices, work stations, hardware, and IT infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure complies with the highest IT safety requirements. 

Flexible contract

The contract will be based on the client's country's legislation, and the client will, therefore, not be exposed to Polish legislation. The contract has a 30-day notice allowing the client to get clear of any obligations while ProData Consult, on the other hand, is bound by long-term obligations.

Advantages of nearshoring

ProData consult's nearshoring departments in Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz, Poland, are specialized in servicing European companies with tailored nearshoring models.

This is just some of the advantages of ProData Consult's Nearshoring as a Service:


IT competences

Simple access to a large volume of top-level IT resources and key competences.



Opportunity to fast and efficiently scale your IT department up and down without compromising on the quality of your IT resources.


Flexible model

We can offer the client all from IT consultants on a time and material basis to managed services at a fixed price.


Cultural match

IT consultants with high level English skills and an intellectual compatibility to Scandinavian culture.



A smooth, flexible, and comfortable integration makes it easy to quickly get started.

travel distance

Short travel distance

Makes integration and corporation easy and agile.

Get a free assessment

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