Business consultants on time & material

  • Gain access to a large network of the sharpest business consultants on the market
  • Consultants who are capable of linking business, processes and IT together
  • Consultants with an eye for the strategic and tactical level
  • We send 1-3 CVs within 24 hours

We link business, processes and IT together

ProData Consult gives you access to a network of competent, experienced business consultants who understand how to link business, processes and IT together -- even in extremely complex situations. We insist that our business consultants have an up-to-date, tried-and-tested toolbox -- and take a pragmatic, solution-seeking approach to delivering real results. We also know how crucial it is for the consultant to have experience from the industry the client operates in.

We make every effort to always have a business consultant available and to send a CV to the client within 24 hours.

Special focus on

  • The finance industry
  • The energy sector
  • The transport and logistics sector
  • The telecommunications and IT industry

We specialize in finding business consultants for these particular industries. We have a deep understanding of the challenges facing these industries and know what competencies are in demand. We work with the largest companies, and we are among the largest suppliers of consultants to these industries in Scandinavia.

The four industries that we specialize in are all marked by the same challenges:

  • They are powerfully dependent on large-scale, business-critical (often older) IT backbone systems.
  • They must process a large number of transactions in order to generate output data that is crucial to the performance of complex, cross-functional processes in the company.
  • They deliver core services and value to their customers.
  • They operate in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment.
  • They have a zero-error policy (24/7/365).

Our consultants have the necessary business insight and familiarity with the industry's challenges to offer clients effective solutions to their challenges.

Business-critical roles

ProData Consult has access to a large network of consultants with extensive, documented experience from the leading companies in these industries. We perform a variety of business-critical roles, in which domain knowledge and insight are decisive in order to deliver the results our clients expect.

Examples of roles we perform:

  • Advisor
  • Program- and Project Manager
  • Business developer
  • Process consultant
  • Business consultant
  • Management advisor
  • Trainer / coach
  • Counselor
  • Change Manager
  • Enterprise architect
  • Test Manager
  • Test Coordinator
  • Project assistent
  • Analyst

We also provide IT consultants who are specialists in precisely the technology required by the client.

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