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PHP Developer IT consultant

To develop successful IT solutions with a popular and professional programming tool built on open source, you need a PHP developer.

If you choose a PHP Developer from ProData Consult, you get:

  • Web Development at minimal cost through LAMP stack
  • A professional development resource with good interpersonal skills
  • Efficient development of both simple and complex web applications
  • A professional and efficient development competence

Below you will find information about a PHP Developer's responsibilities and core competencies.

What can a PHP Developer do?

PHP is a simple programming language, and with a professional PHP Developer on the development team, PHP's many advanced features can be fully exploited and used to develop more complex web applications. PHP stands for 'Hypertext Preprocessor' and is a frequently used to develop everything from simple web applications to complex web solutions. PHP can be used to develop web applications that can collect data, generate dynamic content on a website or send and receive cookies. With PHP programming, you can also develop features such as to sending e-mail messages from a web site, create log-in functionality, create user forums, voting and many more interactive and database-driven web applications. A PHP developer/PHP programmer is an expert in all of this.

PHP differs from some other programming languages by being a so-called general purpose language. This means that it does not restrict itself to solving a particular kind of task in web development. So the PHP Developer has a form of creative freedom to define how the task should be solved through PHP.

PHP is a very powerful programming language in conjunction with a LAMP stack. A LAMP stack is a collection of open source software, which offers the possibility of developing a functional web solution efficiently and cheaply. For a PHP Developer, the LAMP stack is a valuable tool which provides very good results. A LAMP stack consists of an operating system (Linux), a web server (Apache), a database (MySQL) as well as a programming language (PHP). In addition, it has the advantage that it can be hosted numerous places in the cloud.

Users make heavy demands on web solutions these days. A PHP developer can contribute to meeting these and deliver efficient and user-friendly web solutions. As a PHP Developer, you are an expert in creating dynamic content on a web page and contribute to the user of the website having a professional experience of the content and functionality. With core competence in the PHP programming language's potential and compatibility, a PHP developer can:

  • Advise on what opportunities PHP provides for functionality
  • Utilize all the benefits of using a LAMP stack
  • Ensure effective web development through open source software
  • Customize the web solution to the IT project's objectives

There are numerous front end coding languages and technologies that a developer can work with. The choice of coding language and technology is determined by the objectives set for the IT solution's functionality and design. In addition to PHP Developers, ProData Consult has web developers with competencies in areas such as JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 and ASP.NET.

How does a PHP Developer work?

A PHP Developer always begins with the success criteria that are made for the IT solution. PHP has many options and with a PHP developer on the team you can take advantage of these opportunities to develop a tailor-made web solution that is adapted to the organization.

A PHP Developer fits well in a team that cooperates on the project. Development of front end, or IT solutions in general, is rarely a linear process. A front end PHP Developer is accustomed to being in an agile development process where changes can be made along the way. The PHP Developer is good at cooperating with multiple development efforts in order to reach the joint result: a successful IT solution.

Find your PHP Developer here

Are you faced with a major development project where there is a need for a talented PHP Developer? ProData Consult has PHP developers who specialise in PHP's potential as a programming language. We can find exactly the right PHP Developer for your IT project. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult will put you in touch with an experienced PHP Developer within just 24 hours, and we will ensure that you:

  • Get effective web development with minimal cost
  • Get a technical and design-effective IT solution
  • Get IT solutions that are tailored to the organization

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