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JavaScript Developer IT consultant

If you want a vibrant and dynamic website, a JavaScript Developer is indispensable for the development team.

With a Javascript Developer from ProData Consult you get:

  • Specialized knowledge of JavaScript development
  • Effective and targeted web development
  • A vibrant and dynamic website
  • Professional advice in JavaScript's potential

Below you will find information on a JavaScript Developer's responsibilities and core competencies.

What can a JavaScript Developer do?

A JavaScript Developer is a specialist in the widely-used programming language, JavaScript. A JavaScript Developer is an expert in programming the dynamic elements that add life and movement to a website. This can be anything from a roll-over feature to integrated games on the website. With JavaScript, you can also develop pop-up windows, slideshows with photos and more. In short, a JavaScript Developer can develop features that bring life to the website and support an excellent user experience.

JavaScript is a widely-used scripting language written directly in an HTML document and then executed in the browser. It may sound simple, but if it's not done correctly by a JavaScript specialist, it can have adverse consequences, such as poor website performance or unnecessary distress to the servers.

With a focus on the opportunities and limitations of JavaScript, a JavaScript Developer can help you to:

  • Develop precisely the features and elements that brings the website alive
  • Achieve an effective web development process
  • Showcase JavaScript's great potential for dynamic elements
  • Ensure a good user experience on all platforms (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone)

When you have a JavaScript Developer on your development team, expert knowledge is always within reach. A JavaScript Developer has strong competencies in front end web development and can advise you on JavaScript's potential, limitations and compatibility with other parts of the front end development. The advantage of choosing an external JavaScript Developer is that you get a highly dedicated and flexible competency that can help with just the knowledge you need, just when you need it. A JavaScript Developer can quickly come in and help to lift this task together with the rest of the development team.

How does a JavaScript Developer work?

As a JavaScript Developer, you basically work with implementing functionality on a website. For example, for a database lookup, navigation, hover-functions, calculations, pop-up windows, video and other elements that make the website feel alive and anything other than static. For this work, a JavaScript Developer is essential.

Web developers are constantly looking for ways to make the development process more efficient. The same goes for a JavaScript Developer. JavaScript is what is known as a 'client-side scripting language'. In practice, this means that all coding that is carried out through JavaScript will be read and executed locally in the browser that the JavaScript Developer works in. The result of the coding will appear immediately in the browser, and you achieve a more efficient development process. A JavaScript Developer also works efficiently by using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and AngularJS. These libraries make it possible to implement features on the website very quickly, as the functions are already there for deployment. It is extremely efficient to use jQuery to build AJAX-functionality, which makes it possible to retrieve data from a server, or send data to a server, without interfering with the page you're on.

There are a number of alternative programming languages that a JavaScript Developer works with at times. Some of the most common are CoffeScript and TypeScript, which will be compiled to JavaScript since it's the language all browsers have in common, regardless of whether it is on a PC, Mac or smartphone.

As a JavaScript Developer you are often part of a larger front end development team. The team can consist of several developers, each with their own specialty, in order to achieve the greatest possible efficiency and bring the competencies together in the same place. You will often see a JavaScript Developer working closely with an App Developer and a HTML5/CSS3 Specialist.

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Do you need to launch a major development project where there is a need for a skilled Web developer specializing in JavaScript? ProData has highly competent JavaScript developers who can deliver professional web development. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a competent JavaScript Developer within 24 hours, and we will ensure that you:

  • Get expert knowledge and professional advice
  • Get an effective development process
  • Can give website visitors a positive user experience

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