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HTML5 Web Designer IT consultant

If you want to develop websites with the latest standards in web design, an HTML5 Web Designer is guaranteed to be a useful addition to your development team.

With an HTML5 Web Designer from ProData Consult you get:

  • Use of the latest in web design
  • Specialised knowledge about the potential of HTML5/CSS3
  • Access to the latest standards for web development
  • A web solution that works across platforms
  • An effective web development process

Below you will find information about an HTML5 Web Designer's responsibilities and core competencies.

What can an HTML5 Web Designer do?

An HTML5 Web Designer is a specialist in the programming language HTML5 - the latest version of HTML. The new standards for HTML coding have brought many new visual capabilities and more advanced options for web design. With HTML5 it has become easier to develop a website that can work across different browsers and platforms. This is due to improved support for a common standard in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

With an HTML5 Web Designer on the team, you can develop Web solutions that work in all browsers and on all platforms (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile), leading to a more complete and accessible web experience. HTML5 also allows that video and advanced layers of graphics are more accessible, since HTML5 has an improved support for a common standard in Internet Explorer.

Users have major requirements for web developers today, and an HTML5 Web Designer has a key role in delivering a good impression when a user visits a website for the first time. An HTML5 Web designer is an expert in structuring layout on a web page and ensuring that the visiting users have a positive and professional experience of the website's content and design. HTML5 and CSS3 are very powerful together and complement each other well. If you choose a HTML5 Web Designer from ProData Consult, you will also get strong competencies in CSS3.

With a primary focus on the opportunities in HTML5/CSS3, a HTML5 Web designer can help you to:

  • Design a web page which lives up to the latest standards for web design
  • Take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by HTML5/CSS3 as a programming language
  • Ensure that the web solution works optimally across browsers and cross devices

CSS3 is the latest version of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is the language that is used to define how a website should be presented. Briefly, HTML is the basic structure of the website's content, while CSS3 is the 'icing' on the top. If you want a modern website with a great design, you should certainly make use of the combination HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 introduces a number of new elements to the original HTML. For example, there are new opportunities for web design of header, footer and article elements, which are intended to improve the website's visibility in relation to search engines. The advantage of this is that the website's content will rank higher on search engine results, and this increases the opportunity to obtain a higher hit rate for the website.

With an HTML5 Web Designer on the development team you are guaranteed to have a web design specialist within easy reach. An HTML5 Web Designer is an expert in front end web development and can advise you on the HTML5 language's potential, limitations and compatibility with other elements of front end.

How does a HTML5 Web Designer work?

A skilled HTML5 Web Designer can advise on the many options for web development HTML5 and CSS3 bring with them. For example, CSS3 brings entirely new possibilities for how you can "style" pages. Particularly in combination with CSS3, HTML5 is a wonderful tool for a front end Web Designer.

An HTML5 Web Designer is a powerful player on the web development team, but there may be situations where there is a need to involve a dedicated Android Developer or iOS Developer. An HTML5 Web Designer is typically part of a larger front end Web development team. The team can consist of several Web developers, each with a specialty. This results in maximum efficiency and collection of competencies in the same place. You will often see a HTML5 Web Designer/CSS 3 Web Designer work closely with an App Developer or JavaScript Developer.

Find your HTML5 Web Designer here!

Are you faced with a major development project where there is a need for a good front end developer specializing in HTML5/CSS3? ProData Consult has experienced HTML5 Web Designers that can develop attractive and functional IT solutions. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with an experienced HTML5 Web Designer, and we will ensure that you:

  • Get the requested cross-browser and cross-device functionality
  • Put the latest HTML5/CSS3 knowledge to use
  • Achieve an effective development of front end
  • Can provide web solution users with greater availability and better user experiences

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