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UX Designer IT consultant

When you want to make sure that the user experience is top notch, you should have a UX Designer on the team! A User Experience Designer (UX Designer) ensures that your IT solutions have the greatest possible ease of use and functionality, before they are put into service by the end-users. The User Experience Design is basically about improving the user experience in interacting with IT.

With a UX Designer from ProData Consult you will get:

  • An optimized user experience of your IT solution
  • A user-friendly information structure
  • Greater satisfaction of clients and users
  • Consistency between message and design

What can a UX Designer do?

Today, users make high demands on IT solutions. If functionality or design do not live up to the user's requirements, they will eventually lose interest in the IT solution. That's why a UX Designer/UX consultant is a key competence in the development of IT. The User Experience Design is essentially about giving the user or the client a seamless experience in interacting with the IT solution. As an IT user, you shouldn't have to guess for example where you can find the information you're looking for on a web page. A UX Designer is a specialist in providing a framework for a good user experience, where the information structure supports the user's wishes and needs.

A UX Designer can create a balance between visual expression and functionality, and give the user a seamless experience of the IT solution, which in the end will strengthen the relationship with the company that has developed the IT solution. As an UX Designer you have the task to create a structure that is able to guide the user in the right direction, depending on the purpose of the interaction - whether it is to drive sales, give the user useful information or obtain conversions. A UX Designer can thus ensure that there is conformity between business goals, user requirements and the IT solution's visual messages.

In the intersection between technology and communication, a UX Designer:

  • Establishes balance between design and functionality
  • Ensures the user a complete and professional experience
  • Forms a user-friendly information structure
  • Ensures that the IT solution meets the business objectives

The advantage of choosing an external UX Designer is that you will have a flexible competence who can step in immediately. With a UX designer from ProData Consult you get not only an expert in easy-to use-design, but also an experienced IT consultant who can add value to the project by acting as a sparring partner and advisor. All IT consultants at ProData Consult have several years of experience in IT projects and can raise your project to a completely different level.

How does a UX Designer work?

A UX Designer always has the user as the central focus, rather than technology or graphical expressions. If the IT solution is not adapted to the needs of the user, the user could reject the solution and also the business behind it. Therefore, the UX Designer's main task is to accommodate the user's needs and requirements for the IT solution. With an absolute focus on the user, a UX Designer can help in delivering IT solutions that will be welcomed by the users and even strengthen the relationship between the business, users and clients.

A UX Designer works mainly with optimizing the following areas:

  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Structure

For a UX Designer, an IT solution is comprised of building blocks which must be put in relation to each other. In the development of a website, there may be content such as text, images, videos and navigation that must be structured so that it makes sense for the user. The right information must be available at the right time - this is where a UX Designer excels.

A good UX Designer is a team player who compliments the developers with competencies in the client's universe. As a User Experience Designer or UX consultant, you often work closely together with other developers (Web Developers, App Developers etc.) in order to create a user-friendly interface and a design that both looks good visually and meets the specified performance requirements. It is a UX Designer's job to put together an information architecture that guides the user along the right path and makes them feel safe while they navigate and interact with the IT solution.

Find your UX Designer here

Do you need help to shape a user-friendly IT solution that meets the users' requirements for both great design and functionality? ProData has a UX Designer that suits your project. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult will put you in touch with an experienced UX Designer in just 24 hours and we ensure that you:

  • Get a user-friendly design
  • Achieve consistency between design and functionality
  • Provide users with a seamless and professional experience in interaction with the IT solution
  • Create a strong relationship with your users and clients through good user experiences

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