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ISTQB Tester IT consultant

When you want to ensure getting the best possible result in the development of new software, an ISTQB Tester is a must-have! An ISTQB Tester is specialized in testing IT software to ensure that the quality lives up to expectations.

With a ISTQB Tester from ProData Consult you get:

  • Quality assurance of IT software and hardware during the development process
  • The ability to identify and correct potentially costly mistakes along the way
  • Support for an agile development process with effective adaptation
  • Smooth integration between existing and new software

What can an ISTQB Tester do?

An ISTQB Tester is essential to assure the quality of software both during and after the development process. An ISTQB Tester can detect errors that can't be seen with the naked eye, but which can have major consequences.

ISTQB is an acronym for the International Software Testing Qualifications Board - the leading organization in the field of certification of software testing competencies. ISTQB certification is a sought-after and internationally recognized certification which gives testers the appropriate skills for all types of software-testing. An ISTQB Tester knows exactly how to approach the testing in relation to planning and implementation, so the test is effective and meets all expectations.

An ISTQB software testing certification provides a solid knowledge of all facets of software testing, including test phases, testing techniques and test management. If you choose an ISTQB Tester, you will get the maximum out of a software test process. At the same time, you'll ensure a test process without delays, which for some software development projects is otherwise inevitable. ISTQB Testers have the skills to ensure a smooth and efficient test process because the ISTQB certification has given them the tools to develop and implement structured tests. An ISTQB Tester can, among other things, identify whether the software performs the intended tasks correctly and how it is perceived from the user's perspective. Moreover, an ISTQB Tester can help adapting the new software so that it can be easily implemented and integrated into existing IT environments.

With a focus on professional quality assurance of software, an ISTQB Tester can help you to:

  • Ensure that quality, functionality and design meet their expectations
  • Discover and correct mistakes along the way
  • Ensure an efficient software development
  • Integrate the newly developed software in the organization

Software testing is an integral part of an agile development process, and an ISTQB Tester is comfortable in an agile development process. Agile processes involve effective transitions, for example if the test strategy is changed along the way. An ISTQB Tester is equipped to deal with this professionally.

How does an ISTQB Tester work?

An ISTQB Tester uses test tools (software quality assurance) to standardize tests so costs are reduced and the quality of IT solution is optimized efficiently. The tools also provide the opportunity to develop an effective and reliable documentation of the tested software's quality and risk areas. The tools also contain options for automated test processes that ensure that tests are ongoing and scheduled during the development process. Moreover, they provide a valuable platform for cooperation between the tester and developer so that communication and cooperation regarding the test results are accurate and efficient. It is important to use a test tool that fits the organization and the existing IT environment to achieve the optimum process surrounding the tests. An ISTQB Tester can advise you on the use of test tools, depending on the type of software involved.

It may be relevant to conduct tests at several stages in the development process - depending on the success criteria for the software. But by continuing to use ISTQB Testers, you can anticipate functional challenges and thus achieve an effective and flexible process. ProData Consult has a team of experienced ISTQB Testers who can enter the development process, where there is a need to test your IT solution. If you use an ISTQB Tester along the way, you will find it easier to keep to the timetable and the scheduled time for implementation.

You only need one ISTQB Tester, but you can benefit from engaging more ISTQB Testers on a single team. Around the ISTQB Tester you will also find other key personnel, which helps ensure that the test is carried out under the right conditions and that the test results are applied in the forward development process. The team may include consist of Web developers, Test Managers and Scrum Masters who collaborate on the development project.

Find your ISTQB Tester here!

Are you looking for an ISTQB Tester, who can ensure the quality of your next IT project? At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. Whether you are at the beginning or the end of the development process, ProData Consult can deliver a team of specialized testers with multiple certifications, including ISTQB. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a qualified ISTQB Tester in just 24 hours, ensuring that you:

  • Achieve an effective process for software testing
  • Get a quality-assured performance with the prized ISTQB standards
  • Avoid costly mistakes in the development process
  • Get a smooth implementation of new software into your existing IT environment

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