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Tester IT consultant

When you want to ensure getting the best possible result in the development of new software, a Tester is a must have! A Tester is specialized in testing IT software to ensure that the quality and design live up to expectations before the software is put into production and arrive at the client.

With a Tester from ProData Consult you get:

  • Quality assurance of IT software and hardware during the development process
  • Identification and correction of functional and design errors during the test and development process
  • Support for an agile development process with effective adaptation
  • Smooth integration between existing and new software

What can a Tester do?

As mentioned, a Tester is an expert in testing both IT software and hardware for the purpose of ensuring that both quality and design meet the stated requirements, before the process of production and implementation begins. An IT Tester is essential for detecting functional and design errors, which can have a big effect on the outcome. A Tester can, among other things, identify whether the software performs the intended tasks correctly, and how it is perceived from the user's perspective. In addition, a Tester can help to adapt the new IT solution so that it can be seamlessly implemented and integrated into the existing IT environment.

A Tester is a natural part of an agile development process and ensures that:

  • Quality, functionality and design meet their objectives
  • Expensive errors are discovered along the way and corrected
  • You achieve effective development and continuous quality assurance
  • The newly developed software can integrate seamlessly within the organization

Testing is a natural part of an agile development process that has effective transition as the focal point. It may be appropriate to carry out tests at several points in the development process - depending on the criteria for success for the software. By continuously testing, you can meet functional challenges and thus achieve a more efficient and flexible process. That way you can ensure that you meet the quality challenges during development and not after the software is being used, when the costs for changing it are likely to be greater. ProData Consult has assembled a team of experienced test specialists who can enter the development process when there is a need to test your IT solution. The advantage of an external tester is that it gives you an extremely dedicated and flexible competence who can assist when you are ready to have them test the quality of newly-developed software. If you use a software tester along the way, it will be easier to comply with the timetable and ensure that the software is implemented before the planned deadline.

How does a Tester work?

ProData Consult testers use professional testing tools which prepare an effective and secure documentation of the tested software's quality and risk areas. It is important to use a test tool that is suitable for the organization and the existing IT environment, in order to achieve the optimal process for testing. ProData Consult testers have certifications and expert competencies in several tools and can advise on the application of, amongst others:

  • HP Quality Center
  • Quality Test Pro
  • Selenium

The testing tools are integrated software designed to control the quality of the newly developed IT solution. The testing tools use standardized tests, so that costs are reduced and the quality of the IT solution is optimized effectively. The tools also offer many opportunities for automated test runs to ensure that the tests are carried out continuously and scheduled along the development process. ProData Consult Testers are experts in using testing tools in order to achieve an effective and profitable test process. In addition, the tools provide a valuable platform for cooperation between the Tester and Developer, so that communication and cooperation of the test results are accurate, and not least effective.

You can choose to use one Tester, but it can be useful to hire more testers, to collect core competencies and specialist knowledge in a single team. The team can be adjusted to match the software you want to develop, and the certifications you need. A Tester has a crucial role in the development of software, but around the Tester you will also find other key personnel, who ensure that the test is carried out under the right conditions, and that the test results are applied in the forward development process. These key people include Web Developers, Test Managers and Scrum Masters.

Find your Tester here

Are you missing one or more Testers in order to bring quality assurance to your next IT project? At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. Whether you are at the beginning or the end of the development process, ProData can deliver a team of specialized Testers with multiple certifications. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a qualified Tester in just 24 hours and we ensure that you:

  • Avoid costly mistakes during the development process
  • Achieve an effective process around Tests
  • Ensure excellent quality and user experience of your new software
  • Get a smooth implementation of new software into your existing IT environment

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