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Test Manager IT consultant

If you want professional and structured handling and management of software testing, you will need a Test Manager who can ensure progress in the development and planning of test activities and resources.

With a Test Manager from ProData Consult you get:

  • Efficient and focused testing of software
  • Detailed planning of the test process
  • Qualified control of Testers
  • Support for an agile testing process with effective adaptation

What can a Test Manager do?

A Test Manager is a sort of Project Manager responsible for leading tests of IT projects in order to ensure progress in the development. The Test Manager plans the test activities and ensures maximum benefit from the resources that are available, such as testers, technology, test tools and timetable. As a Test Manager, the most important task is to manage and guide the test and continuously ensure that the test is on the right track. This means management of one or more testers who must implement the actual test. A Test Manager also prepares a test strategy and specific test plans which are adapted to the organizational framework of the test process. The testing strategy is normally designed in cooperation with management, who reduce the expectations for the test process. A Test Manager has overview, structures the tasks of the test and drives the test procedure. That's why a Test Manager is crucial to achieving an efficient and focused testing of IT software.

With great overview and a focus on progress, a Test Manager is responsible for:

  • Managing the activities and resources of the test process
  • A structured and detailed test plan
  • Professional and proactive management of the test's challenges and yield
  • Planning the test execution

The organization is the starting point for the Test Manager's work. A Test Manager will tailor the test run so that the test always focuses on the parts of the software which are most critical for the organisation and its working practices. In cooperation with the company, the Test Manager will draw up a strategy which focuses the efforts where the priority is highest in relation to the business goals.

The advantage of choosing an external Test Manager is that your development team will be joined by an extremely flexible competence who can start working right away. With a Test Manager from ProData Consult you will get not only an expert in the management of the test process, but also an experienced IT consultant who can add value to the project by looking at the development project with fresh eyes. A Test Manager from ProData Consult has several years of experience in IT projects and can therefore also act as a competent sparring partner and advisor.

How does a Test Manager work?

Test Management is about managing and guiding a test process in order to prevent failures. A Test Manager can ensure that the software test ends with a positive result because any errors are corrected along the way. This will avoid potentially costly errors in the context of deployment.

ProData Consult Test Managers possess extensive experience which enables them to advise on the challenges that typically arise, and proactively address these challenges in order to reduce risks and extra costs.

As the Test Manager is responsible for structuring and distributing tasks, a Test Manager also has good communication and managerial skills. The Test Manager also has a good overview, which ensures optimum use of the resources that are available for the test process. As a Test Manager, you must be able to manage and lead your team of testers around testing tools, data, IT environments, organizational frameworks and much more.

A Test Manager not only ensures that the test process is carried out in accordance with the plan, but at the same time the Test Manager has the authority to correct errors in order to achieve an effective process towards the ultimate aim. For example, there might be changes to the availability of test resources, so it's important to have a Test Manager to correct the test plan and ensure that you get the most out of the resources. Ongoing management of the test run and its framework is critical for the success of the test. The Test Manager normally manages a team of testers who carry out the test run on the basis of the produced test strategy.

Find your Test Manager here

Do you have to test new software for your next large-scale IT project? Then ProData can find the right Test Manager who can safely manage the test run. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a skilled Test Manager in just 24 hours and we will ensure:

  • Professional management of the activities and resources of the test run
  • A detailed and customized strategy for the test run
  • That the test run is carried out according to plan and adjusted if necessary
  • That IT software will be tested thoroughly and effectively

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