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Scrum Master IT consultant

If you want to work with scrum processes on a specific project or in your business in general, you need a Scrum Master!

With a Scrum Master from ProData Consult you get:

  • Agile development in accordance with the scrum process theory, methodology and guidelines
  • Structured, multi-disciplinary and self-organized project team
  • Professional handling of external disturbances, which ensures and promotes maximum productivity
  • Primary focus on process and progress

What does a Scrum Master do?

The Scrum method is an agile process facilitated by a Scrum Master as the person responsible for the project and the process in particular. The scrum method's starting point is that development phases are often unpredictable and sometimes a complicated process. Unlike linear processes, like the waterfall model with established processes, scrum is very flexible in terms of schedules, deadlines and collaboration across disciplines. Therefore, scrum works with small iterations, daily briefings and a visual overview of the overall workload across the project team.

With a primary focus on process, method and progress, a Scrum Master ensures at the same time:

  • That the team has the necessary tools and resources to comply with the set deadlines and schedules
  • That the project team understands and performs scrum after the methodology guidelines
  • That daily meetings are held - The Daily Scrum - where everyone is briefed and informed
  • That the work processes are monitored
  • That the team is focused on the target and achieves consensus on what needs to be achieved in the designated partial targets (the so-called sprints)

It is also the Scrum Master's main task to protect the team from external distractions by acting as a buffer between the team and the influences of external stakeholders. By helping external actors to understand which interactions with the scrum project team are beneficial and which are detrimental to the process, the Scrum Master can safeguard and promote the highest possible productivity.

How does a Scrum Master work?

With a focus on the process, a Scrum Master enforces the scrum method's rules, holds regular meetings (also known as The Daily Scrum) and constantly challenges the project team to improve themselves, without having the title of team or Project Manager in the traditional sense. A Scrum Master differs from a Project Manager by not having decidedly authoritarian leadership responsibilities, but rather a primary focus on guiding the process as a whole.

A Scrum Master works in a so-called scrum team that, in addition to besides the Scrum Master, typically consists of a product owner and a development team. The product owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the development team. The development team is structured and empowered to organize and manage its own work. A scrum project team as a whole is self-organized, ensuring that the team themselves find out how they can best perform and solve the task, rather than being directed by a Project Manager or external leader. A scrum project team also has multi-disciplinary competencies, which make them very flexible and independent of external workers. The composition of the scrum project team is used to optimize flexibility, creativity and productivity through the scrum process. The composition often results in a work synergy where the team develops and delivers products iteratively and focuses on objectives and deliverables.

A good Scrum Master is a true team player, who places the project team's productivity and success before his own. It is also important to be comfortable with letting either the product owner or the team take control of the project, when it is necessary. This is something a classic Project Manager may have difficulty with. In other words, the Scrum Master is a serving leader for his scrum project team.

If the product owner's computer dies and the developers complain about high temperatures in the room, the Scrum Master is the person responsible for obtaining a new computer and having the room cooled down. The Scrum Master's job description covers everything from small practical details tasks to process decisions at strategic and operational levels, and the number of scenarios that can occur are endless.

Find your Scrum Master here!

Do you need a Scrum Master for your next project, and do you want to make sure that the development phase is carried out in accordance with the scrum method's theory and method? At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult can provide quality-assured Scrum Master consultants in just 24 hours and we ensure that you:

  • Get going quickly and avoid potentially costly beginner's mistakes
  • Get a functioning scrum project team that continuously works with process and quality improvements
  • Get faster deliveries and lower costs
  • Get help with scrum implementation and organizational changes

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