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ITIL Project Manager

With an ITIL Project Manager from ProData Consult, you get:

  • Professional optimization of IT services
  • Improved IT services based on best practices
  • An effective process where all resources are used optimally
  • Improved client service level through a professional approach to service

What can an ITIL Project Manager do?

An ITIL Project Manager is a Project Manager who has specific knowledge of corporate infrastructure and service management processes. ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is globally the most common method of IT service management and provides valuable tools for the Project Manager.

The ITIL method focuses on how IT resources can be organized to provide maximum value to the IT infrastructure project, including how processes are documented and how roles are managed. When you select an ITIL Project Manager with the coveted ITIL certification, you will be getting a systematic and professional approach to management of your company's IT services. It could be IT services that support the internal processes or services that allow good client service. An ITIL Project Manager will ensure that your IT activities occur with the highest efficiency and resource utilization.

An ITIL Project Manager is an important competence in the case of infrastructure projects. This could be in cases where the IT platform, servers or hardware must be replaced, or where the company needs to upgrade computers or products. The ITIL Project Manager can ensure that these changes in the infrastructure run smoothly and don't have any negative consequences for business processes. An ITIL Project Manager is very valuable when you want to ensure a seamless implementation and handling of a new project or system. The success of a new system in the organization is depending on someone taking care of implementation and ensuring that the system is easily integrated into the existing IT environment. An ITIL Project Manager can help with this.

When working with IT it's a great advantage to select a Project Manager who has an understanding of IT and IT infrastructure. An ITIL Project Manager from ProData Consult has both technical understanding and broad experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects and systems. This will ensure that you get a Project Manager who has an understanding of the expertise and skills of the project group and can thus organize the company's resources in the best possible way. An ITIL Project Manager from ProData Consult knows exactly what it takes to orchestrate IT competencies and resources towards the commissioning of new systems and products.

With a focus on optimization of infrastructure and service management, an ITIL Project Manager can help to:

  • Reduce the IT project's costs
  • Organize project resources, so that they are used optimally
  • Improve IT services through the application of best practice processes
  • Increase client satisfaction through a professional approach to service
  • Utilize qualifications and experience optimally

An ITIL Project Manager connects directly to the company management. As an ITIL Project Manager, it is an important task to report to management on the infrastructure project's progress and complications. Also, the Project Manager should ask management for more resources or competencies if the IT project runs into challenges.

There are several branches and certifications in IT project management. In addition to an ITIL Project Manager, ProData Consult has competencies like Scrum Master, Prince2 Project Manager and general Project Manager, who may also act as the Project Manager of IT projects.

How does an ITIL Project Manager work?

An ITIL Project Manager typically works according to the IT governance style of management. This involves project management with a focus on how IT affects a company's strategy, structure, systems, people and processes. Within IT service management, there are several disciplines, all of which relate to optimization of the company's IT services, such as Incident Management, Problem Identification, Change Management, and others. An ITIL Project Manager will, among other things, be able to advise you on these areas.

A professional ITIL Project Manager can identify the areas where there is potential to streamline and optimize. There is cooperation with the company to uncover the processes surrounding the use of IT services, and an ITIL Project Manager helps to target resources properly.

It requires overview, technical understanding and good communication skills to be a competent ITIL Project Manager. With a central role in the infrastructure project, it is essential that the ITIL Project Manager has good communication skills. ProData Consult's ITIL Project Managers all have these competencies. An ITIL Project Manager works independently and proactively in order to be able to meet and anticipate challenges. You can be sure that the ITIL Project Manager always is one step ahead and focuses on the possible challenges that can disrupt business processes.

Like any other Project Manager, an ITIL Project Manager is a team player who strives to achieve well-functioning cooperation in the project group. An ITIL Project Manager is a flexible IT consultant who can step in when there is a need for it or join in the organizational framework immediately. Project Managers have strong collaborative skills and are used to lifting tasks together with a Database Administrator, Infrastructure consultant or SCCM/SCOM consultant.

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Looking for an ITIL Project Manager who can manage your next IT project? At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with an experienced ITIL Project Manager and ensures that you:

  • Get professional management and optimization of the company's IT services
  • Can offer employees and clients effective IT services
  • Get efficient processes, where all resources are used optimally
  • Can go the fastest and best way from idea to finished IT solution

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