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Project Manager IT consultant

If you want an effective and structured process where you safely reach the goals of the IT project, you need a Project Manager.

With a Project Manager from ProData Consult you get:

  • Professional management of the project
  • An effective process where the deadline is kept
  • Optimal use of all project resources
  • An experienced IT Project Manager with IT technical knowledge

Below you can find more information about a Project Manager's responsibilities and core competencies.

What can a Project Manager do?

Whether you're about to develop a website, a mobile application or other IT projects, a Project Manager will ensure that the project will be completed within the agreed time frame and that it meets the intended requirements and objectives. A Project Manager has a key role in an IT project, ensuring that project objectives and schedules are met through ongoing follow-up and coordination of the project resources and tasks. In short, a Project Manager ensures that the IT project progresses as it should.

A Project Manager is tasked with ensuring that the project team has the necessary resources and skills to finish the project before the allotted deadline. In addition, the Project Manager has the overview to ensure that all the project team members are aware of their tasks at all times, so that no resources are wasted. It's important that the whole project team is focused on the common goal, and that all the project team members know which tasks are to be carried out and when. A Project Manager will handle this. Having a Project Manager on board also ensures that you avoid wasting resources and errors, which can be potentially costly. The Project Manager will minimize liability shift, and make sure that the entire project team is aware of their responsibilities.

When you work with and develop IT, it is a great advantage to choose a Project Manager who has an understanding of IT and IT processes. A Project Manager from ProData Consult has technical understanding and a wealth of experience in various IT projects, both IT development projects and organizational implementation projects. A Project Manager has an understanding of the process of IT projects and is therefore in a position to organize the project resources. A Project Manager from ProData Consult knows exactly what it takes to lead a team with specialized IT consultants.

With a focus on building momentum in the IT project, a Project Manager can help you:

  • Comply with project goals and schedules
  • Organize the project resources, so that they are used optimally
  • Manage the project team towards a common goal
  • Ensure that the project team has the required tools and resources available

The Project Manager is the project group's direct link to the company's management. As a Project Manager, it is an important task to report to management on the project's progress. Also, the Project Manager may ask management for more resources or competencies if the IT project runs into challenges.

There are several branches and certifications in IT project management. In addition to a general technical Project Manager, ProData Consult offers the competencies Scrum Master, Prince2 Project Manager and ITIL Project Manager, who can also take the role of Project Manager for the IT project.

How does a Project Manager work?

To be a competent Project Manager for IT projects requires overview, technical understanding and good communication skills. With a central role in the project team, it is essential that a Project Manager have good leadership qualities and be a skilled facilitator. Furthermore, a Project Manager works independently and proactively in order to be able to meet and anticipate challenges. You can be sure that the Project Manager is always one step ahead in the process and focuses on predicting the possible challenges that can slow the process.

As a Project Manager, there is a focus on creating flow in the process. This is done through various tools and methods, all of which will help the Project Manager to structure and drive the process. A Project Manager can use LEAN, SCRUM or other formal methods and processes. A Project Manager is a consummate team player who strives to achieve a proper cooperation with the project group, irrespective of the project in question. A Project Manager is a flexible IT consultant who can step in when there is a need for it and join in the organizational framework immediately. Project Managers have strong collaborative skills and are used to working together with a Web developer, Software Developer, App Developer or UX Designer.

Find your Project Manager here

Looking for a Project Manager who can manage your next IT project? At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. Whether your project is large or small, ProData Consult has an experienced and competent Project Manager to suit your needs. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a Project Manager with the requisite skills within a short time, and we ensure that you:

  • Reach the goal of your IT project on time and with great success
  • Get an effective development process where all resources are used optimally
  • Get a well-functioning and organized project team
  • Can take the fastest and best route from idea to finished IT solution

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