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  • Personal consulting service, matching you and your project with the right consultant
  • Flexible cooperation models that make it easy to be a client
  • Transparent fixed-price models and IT consultants on a time and material basis
  • More than 28,000 senior IT consultants with 5+ years' experience

SCCM & SCOM consultant

If you want to streamline your IT department and focus on an efficient and flexible IT infrastructure, a SCCM & SCOM consultant will be indispensable.

With a SCCM & SCOM consultant from ProData Consult you get:

  • Optimization and efficiency of the IT infrastructure
  • Professional monitoring of the performance of software and applications
  • A specialized infrastructure consultant with experience in System Center tools
  • A flexible resource with good interpersonal skills

What can a SCCM & SCOM consultant do?

Companies are typically dependent on having a well-functioning IT environment, both for internal processes, applications and the services that clients enjoy. With a SCCM & SCOM consultant in the IT department, you can ensure that the infrastructure is under professional supervision. If a problem occurs, it is important to identify the problem and the cause, and this is where a SCCM & SCOM consultant can help. The more computers you have in your IT environment, the more difficult it is to identify and address a problem. That's why a SCCM & SCOM consultant is a valuable competence in the IT department. The SCCM & SCOM consultant can ensure a well-functioning IT department by monitoring and adapting hardware and software, so your IT department delivers 100% on efficiency and service.

System Center is a comprehensive Microsoft platform that allows you to monitor and manage a large IT environment, including the server infrastructure. A SCCM & SCOM consultant also goes under the name Infrastructure consultant or just System Center consultant. ProData Consult has Infrastructure consultants with strong knowledge of System Center products, especially System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

With a focus on strengthening the company's IT environment and infrastructure, a SCCM & SCOM consultant can ensure:

  • Effective identification and resolution of IT problems
  • Monitoring of the IT environment to guarantee optimum use and availability
  • Optimal use of System Center tools

As a SCCM & SCOM consultant, you are an expert in strengthening the company through the tools System Center provides. In addition to the SCCM & SCOM consultant's area, the System Center package also includes: System Center Data Protection Manager, System Center Service Manager and System Center Virtual Machine Manager. ProData Consult will find a SCCM & SCOM consultant with the exact skills and expertise in System Center you need.

How does a SCCM & SCOM consultant work?

The System Center tools are the SCCM & SCOM consultant's best friend and ally. As a SCCM & SCOM consultant, you are an expert in using the tools to maintain and increase complex IT environments, which may include both local and remote devices. As a SCCM & SCOM consultant from ProData Consult, you know how SCCM and SCOM can be optimized fully. On the basis of the company's organization and specific needs, SCCM & SCOM agents will adapt and optimize your infrastructure, so that you will all reach your goals for the IT department.

System Center provides tools which, among other things, are used to control and monitor Windows installations. The SCCM & SCOM consultant is an expert in SCCM & SCOM, which contains these attributes:

  • SCCM is the abbreviation for System Center Configuration Manager. SCCM is a Microsoft-based tool that enables a SCCM & SCOM consultant to manage large quantities of software. With SCCM you can deploy operating systems, applications and software, monitor hardware, remotely control computers and more.
  • SCOM or System Center Operations Manager is a tool that can monitor the IT environment's infrastructure. With SCOM you can ensure a flexible, efficient and effective infrastructure, which will ultimately strengthen the organization. SCOM provides access to monitor performance and status information for the software. The tool also has the ability to receive alerts, for example if the system identifies a security vulnerability.

When you select a SCCM & SCOM consultant, you will get an IT consultant who has extensive knowledge and experience with the correct setup. It is crucial to choose a consultant who has specific experience with SCCM & SCOM in order to save time and resources. With a System Center consultant from ProData, you can enjoy the benefits of the System Center tools right away.

Find your SCCM & SCOM consultant here

At ProData Consult, you will find experienced and competent SCCM & SCOM consultants who are ready to optimize and streamline your IT infrastructure. A SCCM & SCOM consultant from ProData Consult is a flexible resource who is equipped to jump in when the need arises. ProData Consult's IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can add value to virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult can connect you to a SCCM & SCOM consultant within 24 hours, so you can get started quickly. In cooperation with the SCCM & SCOM consultant, we ensure that you:

  • Optimize the infrastructure and get a functioning IT environment
  • Can achieve effective problem-solving in the IT department
  • Can monitor the performance of applications and software
  • Can take advantage of the System Center tools in the best way

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