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Oracle DBA IT consultant

When you want professional administration of your company's Oracle database, you need an Oracle DBA - Oracle Database Administrator.

With an Oracle DBA from ProData Consult you will get:

  • An experienced and professional administrator
  • Safe handling of company data
  • Professional handling of the database user profiles
  • A flexible IT consultant with good interpersonal skills

What can an Oracle DBA do?

Oracle DBA (Oracle Database Administrator) acts as the coordinator and administrator of your company's Oracle databases. Oracle has developed one of the most stable and comprehensive databases used by larger companies to structure and manage data. Oracle databases are particularly suitable for complex and large quantities of data, and with an Oracle DBA IT consultant, you will get thorough knowledge and competences with specialty in Oracle databases and tools.

Data and databases are often a hub of your business practices and processes. The database users, who could be employees or clients, often interact with the database, and it is essential that the database is managed and maintained constantly. An Oracle DBA can ensure that the database is up to date at all times and that is processes data both quickly and efficiently.

Today, data and knowledge of data is a major force in company strategy and target audience insight, which is why the treatment of these data is a high priority. If you have a business where it is necessary that data is handled with great security and professionalism, you would normally use an Oracle DBA. An Oracle DBA can help to achieve efficiency in handling of data and at the same time turn complexity into structure. An Oracle DBA is particularly valuable in cases where complex relationships or sensitive personal data must be handled. An Oracle DBA can ensure:

  • Installation and upgrading of Oracle servers and application tools
  • Creation of database storage structures (Tablespaces)
  • Continuous adjustment of the structure of the database
  • Allocation of space in the database
  • User registration and management of user access
  • Maintenance of security systems
  • Planning for back-up and restoring of database information
  • Implementation of new software in the database

An Oracle DBA also has the responsibility to manage user roles and user access to the database. In this way, the administrator can ensure that the right users have access to the necessary data. With a focus on professional structuring of data, an Oracle DBA ensures that:

  • Complex data are structured and simplified
  • Sensitive personal data is handled professionally
  • No data is lost or misplaced
  • New software is implemented smoothly in the database
  • Database users have the best working conditions for their tasks

As Oracle DBA, you can perform all tasks related to installing, configuring, upgrading, monitoring and maintaining a company's database. In addition, the safety systems are maintained, so that data will not be lost or end up in the wrong place.

How does an Oracle DBA work?

A professional Oracle DBA works with an overall perspective and good planning. It is a necessity to have an overview of the database contents and structures to manage the database. The Oracle Database Administrator works in the database using a database language such as SQL (Structured Query Language), which can handle and structure data.

The role of Oracle Database Administrator means a great deal of responsibility, and that is why you should choose experienced and professional IT consultants for the administrator role. As an Oracle database can be quite large and have many users, sometimes this requires more administrators. At ProData Consult, you will find both individual Oracle DBA IT consultants and teams of administrators who can carry out the task together. As an Oracle DBA it is an important task to keep the database up-to-date as well as to implement new software. This means that the Oracle Database Administrator must cooperate with Software Developers, or other development resources, in order to adapt the new software solutions to the database.

An Oracle DBA is a strong team player, accustomed to working with other IT professionals. In addition to Oracle Database Administrators, ProData Consult can also provide SQL Server Database Administrators, who are experts in managing Microsoft SQL servers.

The company is always the starting point for an Oracle DBA. A competent Oracle DBA will become familiar with the company's needs for data management and structure and advise on how Oracle's database can meet the company's requirements.

Find your Oracle DBA here

Looking for an Oracle Database Administrator to securely control and manage the company's database? ProData Consult has several Oracle database administrators with great experience to carry out the administrator role. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult can put you in touch with an Oracle DBA within just 24 hours and ensure that you get:

  • A professional and competent Database Administrator
  • Expert knowledge of Oracle databases and tools
  • Safe handling of company data
  • A flexible Database Administrator with good interpersonal skills

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