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MS SQL Server DBA IT consultant

If you want professional administration of data, and you want to ensure a functioning and secure database, you need a SQL Server DBA.

With a SQL Server DBA from ProData Consult, you get:

  • An experienced and professional Database Administrator
  • An expert in handling large amounts of data.
  • Safe handling of critical data
  • A flexible IT consultant with good interpersonal skills

What can a Microsoft SQL Server DBA do?

A Microsoft SQL Server DBA (Database Administrator) administers SQL servers and databases. SQL Server is a Microsoft-based system for database management, used by larger companies to structure and manage data. Especially in companies with a large data warehouse, a SQL Server DBA is an important asset to have. SQL Servers are continuously updated with new versions to improve the functions. The latest version of SQL Server from 2014 has mission-critical performance and built-in in-memory technologies.

A SQL Server DBA is particularly relevant for companies that deal with large quantities of data and have many transactions. This is true for many businesses in the financial industry, who handle large volumes of daily transactions and for whom a well-functioning database is crucial.

A SQL Server DBA ensures that the database is running optimally, and will continue to carry out tasks such as updates, indexing and replication. In addition, a SQL Server DBA also has the following tasks:

  • Identification and handling of problems in the database
  • Reporting and solving SQL Server alerts
  • Monitoring the SQL Server for potential problems
  • Implementation of new SQL Server applications
  • Continuous adaptation of the database structure

You would normally use a SQL Server DBA in companies where there is a need for that data to be handled with a high degree of professionalism. Today, knowledge and data are a major force in companies, and the handling of these are of great importance - in some cases, data management is even at the heart of the company. The database users (employees, users or clients) often interact with the database, and it's essential that the database is managed and maintained constantly. A SQL Server DBA will ensure that the database performs optimally at all times and processes data in the intended way. With a SQL Server DBA, you will get administrator competencies with a specialty in the SQL Server. If you choose a SQL Server DBA, you can be sure to get an IT consultant with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft SQL databases and tools. As a SQL Server DBA you can perform tasks such as installation, configuration, upgrading, monitoring and maintenance of the database. In addition there is maintenance of safety systems, so your data will not be lost or fall into the wrong hands. The role of SQL Server DBA therefore entails a larger working area and area of responsibility, where it is particularly important to have experience with SQL servers.

With a focus on professional management of large amounts of data, a SQL Server DBA ensures that:

  • Complex data are structured and simplified
  • The database operates at peak performance at all times
  • Data is handled professionally, and nothing is lost
  • New software is implemented smoothly in the database

How does a Microsoft SQL Server DBA work?

A SQL Server DBA works in a structured way, with a comprehensive overview. It is a necessity to have an overview of database contents and structures to manage the database. As a SQL DBA, you use the database language Structured Query Language (SQL) to manage and structure the contents.

The title of SQL Server Database Administrator includes a great deal of responsibility, and that is why you should only put experienced and professional IT consultants in the administrator role. In some situations, there may even be a need for more than one SQL Server DBA for the task. At ProData Consult, you will find both individual SQL Server DBA IT consultants and teams of administrators who can work together to do the job.

As a SQL Server DBA it is important to keep the database up-to-date as well as to implement new software on an ongoing basis. This means that the SQL Server Database Administrator must cooperate with Software Developers or other development resources in order to adapt the new software solutions to the database and ensure that the implementation will be smooth. A SQL Server DBA is therefore used to working in collaboration with other IT professionals in a team. In addition to SQL Server database administrators, ProData Consult also has the competence Oracle DBA, who possesses expertise in the administration of the Oracle databases.

Find your Microsoft SQL Server DBA here!

Do you need a SQL Server Database Administrator to manage your database? ProData Consult has several SQL Server database administrators with great experience to carry out the administrator role. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with the proper SQL Server DBA, ensuring that you get:

  • A professional and competent Database Administrator
  • Expert knowledge of MS SQL Server databases and tools
  • Safe handling of critical data
  • A flexible Database Administrator with good interpersonal skills

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