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Android Developer IT consultant

In order to develop attractive, functional and user-friendly mobile applications for Android platforms, you will need an Android developer.

With an Android Developer from ProData Consult you get:

  • Mobile applications that fit perfectly to Android platforms
  • User-friendly apps that will delight the users
  • A flexible and specialized development competence
  • Professional advice and best practice in Android app development

Below you will find information about an Android Developer's responsibilities and core competencies.

What can an Android Developer do?

If you want to offer your clients or users an easy-to-use mobile application that can operate on Android devices, you should assign an Android Developer to the development process.
An Android Developer is a traditional App Developer who specializes in Google's operating system, Android. In contrast to iOS, Android is an open-source technology that can be used by several producers, such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC. As smartphones have become more and more popular, the need for skilled Android Developers has also increased. For many companies, it may be appropriate to develop an app that offers a functionality or service on other platforms, such as the web, which they also want to make available to mobile users.

Mobile apps are typically used in a completely different context than, say, web solutions. So there are also differences in the factors to be taken into account in the development of respective internet solutions and mobile applications. An Android Developer can advise on how the system is best utilized to develop successful mobile applications that live up to expectations. This means that the Android Developer deals with important issues of the development process. An Android Developer always begins with the wishes for the app's functionality and look. An Android developer is also especially skilled in developing simple apps, where all redundant functionalities and designs are removed. It is important that the app can perform the task it's intended for and provide a good user experience. If too many features are implemented in an app, there is a risk that it affects the application's stability and ease of use. A professional Android developer can help to identify and define the application's functionality and design in order to develop a simple and user-friendly Android app.

With a focus on effective app development, an Android Developer can ensure:

  • That the new mobile application meets the requirement of good usability
  • That you have a mobile application that fits perfectly to Android platforms
  • That the latest Android development knowledge is brought into play
  • That you get the application to Google Play

An Android Developer is a specialized version of an App developer. If you select an Android Developer rather than a general App Developer, you ensure that the quality of the development process and the end result is at the top, and that the application is tailored to the Android platform. In the case of a larger development project, where the priority is that the app is fitted perfectly to a specific platform, it is recommended that you use specialists in that platform.

How does an Android Developer work?

Like other IT consultants from ProData Consult, an Android developer is a flexible IT consultant, working on the basis of the requirements of the solution. If your company does not have development competencies, an Android Developer from ProData Consult can quickly enter the organization and contribute with the knowledge you need.

As mentioned earlier, an Android Developer can assist with advice on what is required to develop a simple and easy-to-use Android app. An Android Developer also has strong competencies within usability and can advise on the operating system's potential, limitations and compatibility with other IT solutions. The Android Developer is often part of a larger development team, who will cooperate to develop IT solutions. The team can consist of several developers, each with a specialty. This constellation ensures that you achieve maximum efficiency and collection of several competencies in one place. There could be for example other App Developers specializing in iOS or Web developers. An Android developer uses tools such as Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Java to make Android applications, as well as Android Studio.

Find your Android Developer here

Are you looking for a skilled Android Developer for your next IT project? ProData Consult has contact with experienced Android developers who can develop attractive and functional apps for Android platforms. At ProData Consult, our IT consultants cover more than 4,000 IT competencies, and our specialists can facilitate virtually all IT projects. ProData Consult puts you in touch with a skilled Android Developer in just 24 hours and ensures that you:

  • Move quickly from idea to finished Android application
  • Get a flexible and professional development competence
  • Can offer user-friendly and interesting apps to your users/clients
  • Get exactly the expertise you need

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