Step 2: Profile match

  • We find the best IT consultant for the task
  • Up to three consultants per task are selected, based on the described competencies requirements

Consultancy network covering more than 4,000 competencies

ProData is plugged into a network of more than 28,000 active IT consultants, covering over 5,000 unique IT skills.

And our network is growing daily with more consultants connected, and new areas of competencies and IT skills added. That's how we're able to find you not only the latest core competencies in the industry, but also large numbers of experienced consultants for your most complex projects.

See overview of competencies.

Senior consultants

We only supply senior consultants with a minimum of five years of professional IT experience, as well as proven expertise in the desired main competency. On average, our consultants have more than 10 years' experience.

Requirements for our IT consultants:

  • A minimum of five years' documented experience as a senior consultant
  • Expert in the client's required main competency

Consultant search - how do we do it?

By combining extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of customer needs with our advanced IT systems and unique match method, ProData Consult rarely fails to find the right IT profiles for the right price. In fact, search is just the beginning of what we do for you. We handle everything from selection, quality assurance and negotiation to the administration of the consultant tasks.

Selection method

Our state-of-the-art IT systems are the key to quickly finding the right consultant for you. We aim to have a qualified IT consultant, with the precise competencies you require, ready within 24 hours of your request.

Based on your request and the key competencies you need, we begin the consultant search:

  • From what location will the consultant work
  • The consultant's role is defined
  • Start date is agreed
  • The consultant competencies, and competence within each skill, are determined
  • Search for consultants can be extended to other countries in Europe
  • Search for consultants recommended via client evaluations and references
  • Search for consultants validated by our thorough and standardized HR processes

HR and match process

After the selection process, suitable candidates will be thoroughly vetted through standardised HR processes and measured on client evaluations. ProData Consult's HR process is based on in-depth industry knowledge and years of experience with private and public sector IT projects.

Personal interviews are also used to verify the consultant's CV, knowledge and project experience. It's also the time to ensure that a candidate's social competencies are matched with the client's social environment and the role that the consultant will fill.

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