Step 4: Interviews

  • Personal interview
  • Reconciliation of chemistry and competencies

Chemistry and competencies are reconciled with expectations

Often, one or more consultants are called for a personal interview with you. It's your chance to identify the consultant's competencies in detail, and determine whether there's chemistry between the consultant and your company. Our sales representatives will strive to be on hand, but after the interview, you'll choose the consultant that's best-suited to solve the task.

Tips and tricks for the conversation

The focus of the interview is on the consultant's skills and competencies - and whether they match your needs.

Give the consultant an opportunity to talk for a while before the interview proper begins. The interview should also have a closing where the IT consultant is encouraged to ask questions.

It is important to ask questions and invite the consultant to provide practical examples of situations where he/she has used the desired qualification/skills.

Once the IT consultant is selected, the final agreement is set up where the price, terms and duration will be laid down in a contract.