Step 5: Contract and administration

  • Price, terms and duration are agreed on and summarized in a contract, and the agreement is concluded
  • We are flexible with regard to start time, prices and contractual arrangements
  • Up to this point, the process has been free and non-binding

We manage the administration of the IT consultants

After we've found the right IT consultant, it's time to get down to work. For us, that means handling all administrative tasks related to the consultant during the project.

At ProData Consult, we're consultancy experts, so it makes sense for us to take responsibility for our consultants and work as a contractual partner. We take care of everything from selection of IT consultants, quality assurance and negotiation to administration, insurance and invoicing for the consultancy tasks - so you can focus on solving bigger challenges.

We've always taken pride in being easy to work with, and that's why we have a flexible and transparent approach to task solutions in general. Our transparent price and cooperation model ensures that there are no unexpected fees or expenses, and that the agreed hourly rate is fixed.

Flexibility and transparency

With ProData Consult's framework agreement, you get IT assistance on a time and material basis from a supplier that specializes in helping clients find the right core competencies and scaling their resource requirements. The agreement ensures competitive prices and free access to a powerful consultant administration module.

Our core business is the provision of IT consultants on a time and material basis. Hourly rates depend on the requested competencies and the duration of each task. Please contact our sales department for examples of agreements and price estimates for tasks.

We also work on fixed-price contracts and operating agreements as Service Level Agreements.

Our contracts and agreements are flexible and transparent, and our client base consists of the largest and most IT-intensive businesses and institutions, as well as smaller organizations, companies, institutions and start-ups.

The process for agreements on fixed price projects and SLA-like contracts (Service Level Agreements) is dependent on the scale and complexity of the task.

Read more about administration of IT consultants.

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