Step 1: Competencies requirements

  • Describe your competencies requirements in brief
  • Get access to our network of over 28,000 best-in-class IT consultants
  • Start reviewing consultant CVs within 24 hours

With over 28,000 leading IT consultants, we need a few details to find the right one for your project:

  • Estimated start time of the consultant
  • Estimated duration of the task
  • Place/location
  • What the project is about
  • Required key competencies
  • Details about platform, tools, etc.

Not sure about your competencies requirements? Our experienced sales and resource consultants can help you identify the competencies you need. Contact the account manager.

Describe your competencies requirements by using this short form.

Network of IT consultants with 5,000 different IT competencies

At ProData Consult, you get quick access to expert IT consultants with cutting-edge know-how and core competencies and five years or more of documented experience as senior consultants within a specific area or IT competency.

Our consultants work in many areas of competencies and together cover more than 5,000 of the most sought-after IT skills. That's why we have specialists for virtually every type of IT project.

With our advanced IT systems, ProData Consult can find the right consultant for you quickly. We strive to have a qualified IT consultant, with the exact competencies you require, prepared within 24 hours of your request.

See overview of competencies.

Read more about IT consultants on a time and material basis.

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