Knowledge and understanding of our business - Henrik Estrup, Section Manager, ATP


Knowledge and understanding of our business

When it comes to human skills, it is inherently difficult to standardize in order to compare rates. Therefore, the communication with our ProData Consult account manager has been of great importance.

It has been valuable to us that the account manager knows about our industry, our segment and that he has built up knowledge and understanding of our business, culture, current projects and general situation. Technical terms and internal abbreviations are understood and effectively translated into consultant matches.

ProData Consult has a great CV database which is usually highlighted as a distinct advantage. But when ProData Consult manages to combine the contents of this CV database with the account manager's client knowledge and his personal knowledge of the consultants, it turns into real supplier strength: accuracy in the total consultant match is improved significantly. This is most evident when the consultant's social skills and preferences regarding allocation scope and duration match our needs and desires.

Henrik Estrup
Section Manager