Lightning speed response that is worth its weight in gold - Ole Højriis Kristensen, Co-founder, Vodafone (ZYB)

Vodafone (ZYB):

Lightning speed response that is worth its weight in gold

ZYB, which is now a part of Vodafone, were first movers in the mobile phone backup segment and have achieved a significant market share. We are well aware that there are a number of ambitious competitors out there breathing down our necks. The right time to market is crucial every time we come up with a new idea. This puts a lot of pressure on our internal resources as we need to get the job done as soon as possible and we need highly-skilled people to do it. The faster we can get people on-board the faster we can get into gear and get the job done.

That's where ProData Consult adds value. They have the ability to move fast and always give us a lightning speed response, and that is worth its weight in gold. On one occasion, I talked to a ProData consultant on Friday and on Monday morning he was already at work in our office! Excellent, as it meant we could get on with things!

We are very pleased with our relationship with ProData Consult. Everybody was surprised by how quickly the IT consultants arrived, that we needed for our projects. Plus, they were all super-concentrated and extremely efficient. In general, their frame of reference and commitment go beyond what we dreamt of.

With ProData Consult there's no nonsense they just get down to business. We haven't had to waste time on unnecessary boring negotiations. We actually had a guy employed here before his official contract was in place. He was sitting here programming away before the contract was complete, which was fantastic.

It gives peace of mind to know that I have ProData Consult backing me up with the expertise and frame of reference they have built up.

Ole Højriis Kristensen

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