ProData Consult have shown an extraordinary degree of flexibility - Peter Jensby Lange, IT Team Manager, Movia


ProData Consult have shown an extraordinary degree of flexibility

Movia have used ProData Consult as their unique supplier of external IT resources since January 2009, and we're very happy with our working relationship!

Our first contact with ProData Consult came at a time when we needed to recruit a project manager at very short notice. It would have taken us 3 months to make a permanent appointment.

Within a very short time frame ProData came up with qualified candidates with just the right skill set. The interview process was completely problem-free and we very quickly identified the right man for the job: a very experienced project manager with just the right combination of skills in  hardcore project management and Prince 2.

ProData consult didn't waste any time getting going and right from the off things have moved along very satisfactorily. After a minimal breaking in period on a large and complex project our consultant worked completely independently. He's been invaluable, and has really added value and delivered project progress!

ProData Consult have always acted in a completely professional manner and have fully met all our expectations.

Throughout the process ProData Consult have shown an extraordinary degree of flexibility, even with regard to contracts. I'd certainly recommend their services to others in need of highly professional external IT services.

Peter Jensby Lange
IT Team Manager

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