The application was developed by an excellent ProData consultant - Ole H. Birch, Senior Business Consultant, MAN B&W


The application was developed by an excellent ProData consultant

As IT project manager I'm responsible for a number of the technical aspects of MAN Diesel's IT systems. The challenge for me is to implement ”quick wins,” which for us are projects carried out in less than 4 months. That's where ProData Consult come in.

I'm often in the position where I need to find a consultant at very short notice, and that's something which ProData Consult have proved that they can deliver. The consultants I've met from ProData have always been very independent, which to me has always been one of the significant arguments in favour of using consultants - they get on with the job and don't need constant supervision.

Using ProData consultants also makes excellent financial sense, especially when you weigh up the costs against the quality of the results achieved.

Our last consultancy project was an application used by more than 200 foreign offices around the world, meaning that it needed to be available pretty much 24/7/365. The result was a versatile high-performance application that was extremely intuitive and user friendly. Our people in Shanghai, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Houston and many other locations around the world now use it on a daily basis.

The application was developed by an excellent ProData consultant, and we're very pleased at the way that all sorts of diverse data have been pulled into one system – something that has really strengthened our business.

I'm also pleased to say that ProData always distinguish themselves in the way that they follow up on the work performed by their consultants. They're never overbearing.

All in all a very professional partner in our IT environment.

Ole H. Birch
Senior Business Consultant

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