Fast access to qualified resources that can really do the business - Flemming Mahler, Department Head, TDC Online

TDC Online:

Fast access to qualified resources that can really do the business

It's now a number of years since TDC entered into a framework agreement with ProData Consult, and that makes ProData an obvious first choice for us.

When we've had nothing but positive experiences year after year, the consultants referred to us are of a high standard and the projects we've set them to work on get carried out at the right price and quality we've no reason to look anywhere else. 

We've really built up close relations with them; and what I value most of all is that ProData have matched our requirements with qualified consultants every time. Plus, they do it really quickly!

It makes my working day a whole lot easier knowing that I've got that flexible buffer in place! Especially when new unexpected projects turn up. I know that I've got fast access to qualified resources that can really do the business. That means that we get much more done than we otherwise would do and can deliver on all our projects. It makes my world a whole lot easier!

ProData’s IT consultants also provide a new angle on our daily work. They bring new ideas and a wealth of experience to the table – they've done plenty of things I haven't. Plus, they're proactive in their approach and join in as team players together with our permanent staff.

Flemming Mahler
Department Head

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