It was an ‘aha’ experience - Konrad Kierklo, Co-founder and Group CEO, Miinto, Miinto


It was an ‘aha’ experience is an online fashion market place which is a platform for thousands of clothing and shoe vendors. This means that we aren’t a traditional fashion clothing webshop, but rather a tech company which needs access to expert development resources because of our product’s constant development. 

This is why looking towards Poland was an obvious choice when we decided to expand our development division. And here ProData Consult was a good choice as a supplier, for example because of their large network of developers in Poland and the established setup they provide.

Even though we were searching for very specific competencies, including extensive experience with PHP and .NET development, we had interviews with several qualified candidates. That was an ‘aha’ experience considering how difficult it can be to find the right people in a small country like Denmark.

And all of the consultants ProData Consult provided were also highly motivated. They had a very professional approach to working with product development, and it wasn’t necessary to spend time on explaining project structure, tools and terms, because they were all familiar with them. 

But what we fell for when it was time to select a supplier was ProData Consult’s attractive model: there is no need to take people on staff, you can get started with 30 days’ notice, and you don’t have to commit to three months at a time, all of which saves you money. So it’s a no brainer if you want to get a development team started as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, billing is easy to handle, because you can see what you’re being charged for hour for hour, and in Danish kroner rather than Polish zloty.

Konrad Kierklo
Co-founder and Group CEO

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