ProDataConsult has supplied extremely skilled consultants - Morten Gade Christensen,

ProDataConsult has supplied extremely skilled consultants

ProData Consult understands and our culture really well. They know what we want, and the process of finding new consultants always moves really fast.

We have worked with the consultancy for eight years. They help us solve our scalability challenges when we lack the competencies we need in-house. For example, when we have bottlenecks in connection with legal requirement projects where we have to meet a very short deadline, and where we don’t have the option of scaling up internally.

ProDataConsult has supplied extremely skilled consultants who have helped us complete complex projects successfully and who have contributed to changing the company in a positive direction.

I am also very satisfied with the consultancy’s transparent approach to billing. We are always informed precisely what we are paying for and how much, and we have never had any disputes related to finances during my time at the company.

Morten Gade Christensen

Morten Gade Christensen

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