The right skills at the right time - Katrine Jørgensen, Department Manager, IT Project Office,,

The right skills at the right time

"Forming a strong team when you need one requires that the right skills are available at the right time.

In recent years, Energinet has experienced much growth, partially through core services of transmitting electricity and gas in Denmark and partially through new tasks that will increase Denmark's use of renewable energy up towards 2050. This growth is apparent throughout the entire organization, also in terms of the demand for IT solutions and projects.

As manager of the IT Project Office, it is important for me to maintain

the ability to be flexible and the option to scale resources to ensure progress in the projects. This has enabled us to take part in creating value in relation to the company’s development.

ProData Consult has been a good partner for many years and helps us scale resources relative to the demand for IT consultants on a daily basis.

ProData Consult has a good understanding of the skills we need and is very professional in choosing IT consultants who match Energinet's organization, both on a professional and social level.

ProData Consult is able to get the consultants in play quickly, which helps us ensure the necessary progress in the projects. The consultants take on heavy tasks in our organization and do it very professionally. It is great to see how easy it is for the consultants to adapt to the tasks and solve them."

Katrine Jørgensen
Department Manager
IT Project Office

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