Completely in line with Danish consultants - Mads Krog Jensen, IT Manager, Nordic Aviation Capital

Nordic Aviation Capital:

Completely in line with Danish consultants

We have in-house developed an IT system that drives the management of the business and in line with our growth, we need a lot of new functionalities. In this context we were going to recruit IT developers, but we had difficulties finding candidates with the correct skills and level of quality required.

I was familiar with ProData Consult’s near shoring concept and went to Warsaw to examine whether it was an option. I must admit that we were a little skeptical, because we had previously had bad experiences with outsourcing to the East.

However I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The process has been professional throughout. We were presented with three candidates that completely matched our needs - and more. The consultants came to Denmark and joined us for a week, and then went back to the ProData Nearshoring center in Warsaw, Poland, from where they now work for us, and it all just works, really well.

The ProData Consult Pololand consultants have extremely high skills and are completely in line with Danish consultants - if not a tad better. They are hard-working, good at coming up with constructive suggestions and are very proactive and agile.

In addition to the consultants' high level of expertise, there is also an economic advantage as I can get 2:00 to 3:00 resources for one in Denmark. And another great advantage is that it is in the same time zone so that we can maintain close communication on daily basis via video conferencing.

It is also clear that ProData has many skilled resources available in Poland, so the client always has a good selection to choose between.

The partnership and the process are just complete and professional. There is no wasted time, and it just works. Initially, the plan was to use near shoring service as a temporary solution to deal with a backlog of important projects, but as it looks now, it could be a permanent solution for us. It runs well and even better than expected.

Mads Krog Jensen
IT Manager

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