Poland as a nearshoring destination

IT resources are scarce and valuable resource for many companies, and this is most likely not news to anyone. Undeniably, there are several solutions for this and one is to look for the resources elsewhere. The competences we need here are overrepresented in Poland. In this article, you can read why we recommend Poland as a nearshoring destination.

What is nearshoring

Nearshoring is a method that provides an organization with several advantages, when you need to upscale your IT resources. When choosing a nearshoring setup, you move part of the workforce/activities to a destination where the cost levels are lower, but a destination that is still geographically and culturally aligned. Poland is a great nearshoring destination and aside from meeting these criteria, the destination has even more to offer. 

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Competent IT consultants

The Polish universities have a long tradition of engineering and IT degree programs at its universities, therefore, they are also among the best in the field in Europe today. Furthermore, being an IT engineer and a developer is considered very prestigious and are some of the most sought-after job titles. This means that IT degrees are held by the very brightest, which is particularly reflected in the range of IT consultants in Poland whose competences are of very high standards.

"The coding skills of a Polish consultant are considered some of the best in the world."

The coding skills of a Polish consultant are considered some of the best in the world. Developers from Poland are constantly some of the top finishers in Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and TopCoder. HackerRank ranks Polish software developers as the 3rd best developers in the world.

Next to the high standards, the volume of consultants is significant. The range of competences compared to any Scandinavian country is noticeably bigger, and every year, 15,000 IT engineers graduate from the Polish universities – more than one out of ten of IT engineers graduating in Europe is from Poland. Thus, you end up with a hub of qualified IT professionals from where you, with a professional and experienced provider of consultants, can hand-pick exact competences you require.    

Financial gains

Other than the high quality and volume, there can be financial gains with a nearshoring setup in Poland. By choosing a Polish consultant compared to a Scandinavian consultant with the exact same experience and competences, you can save 35-50%. Therefore, it is hard not to consider the financial savings when you are contemplating nearshoring. 

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Cultural compatibility

You can have a highly qualified workforce and even save money, but can your organizational culture reconcile with the Polish? We most definitely think it can! The polish culture is very similar to the Scandinavian, and this is an obvious advantage when you must work across countries. The organizational culture in Poland is characterized by a more formal hierarchy, meaning, more respect for authorities. However, this is just to the point where you still get open-minded, constructive, critical responses in the development and work processes, which are good preconditions for a successful collaboration.    

“EF English Proficiency Index 2017” ranks Polish IT developers as number 13 in the world (out of 80 countries) and number 11 in Europe with an EF EPI score of 62.45 at a level of “high proficiency” – higher than any other country in Eastern Europe. The average score for all software developers in Europe is 55.96 classified as “moderate”.

Thus, there are more considerable advantages to choosing Poland as destination for your nearshoring setup.

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