Do you need to be able to scale your IT resources up and down?

Introduction to Nearshoring in Poland

Do you need to be able to scale your IT resources up and down?
Or how about greater flexibility and lower costs without compromising on quality?

ProData Consult’s nearshoring division in Warsaw, Poland specializes in providing European companies with different outsourcing models to suit their needs.

Our Warsaw division is a full-service provider that runs complete projects and supplies office space, hardware and consultants. We also offer services on an hourly basis to our clients’ own nearshore divisions in Poland.

Nearshoring in Poland is relevant for companies focusing on:

  • Fast and significant cost reduction
  • Scalability and quick access to a large volume of IT resources and top-level competencies
  • IT consultants who speak English fluently and have a mentality that is highly compatible with Scandinavian culture
  • Smooth, flexible and effortless integration
  • A maximum of two hour travel distance from all major European cities

ProData Consult has the processes to assist your business with a customized nearshoring model in Warsaw, Poland quickly and efficiently.

Why Poland?

Locating your IT activities in Poland is a smart move. The population of Poland is larger than the combined population of the Scandinavian countries combined, and over 15,000 new Polish IT engineers graduate each year.

Polish IT specialists are considered some of the most competent in Europe, especially when it comes to new technology. Because Poland is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area, both labor and information (production data) can be freely exchanged with other EU countries, and neither work permits nor visas are necessary.

Polish culture is European, and Poles have no difficulty in adapting to the Scandinavian mentality.

The Polish economy has shown stable economic growth since the country joined the EU in 2004, and Poland is generally characterized by a high level of trust and low levels of corruption. The country is ranked the 35th least corrupt country worldwide on the Transparency International Index (2014), and is both politically and economically stable.

All of these factors contribute to the security, scalability and flexibility that makes locating IT activities in Poland so attractive.

A Complete package

ProData Consult's offices in Warsaw are located in a modern high-tech district surrounded by many IT companies just ten minutes from Frederic Chopin Airport. Our office facilities live up to the highest Scandinavian standards.

Office space, secure high-speed connectivity, work stations, IT infrastructure, meeting facilities and all other practicalities are included in our hourly rate.

ProData Consult provides a team of highly qualified Polish IT consultants, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they meet the necessary standards and that the consultancy services they provide have the quality necessary to complete the job in question to the highest possible industry standards.

All consultants are approved by the client, and ProData Consult can only replace an IT consultant with the client’s consent. We have an obligation to replace consultants whose performance is unsatisfactory or who fail to live up to the client’s reasonable expectations in other ways – without added cost.

All agreements are concluded between the client and ProData Consult A/S (Denmark), and ProData Consult guarantees that all solutions delivered are in compliance with Polish legislation. This means that all agreements are 100% based on Danish legislation, and that the client does not have to consider the Polish authorities in relation to law or contracts. In addition, all consultants are covered by ProData’s professional consultancy liability insurance.

We recommend all our clients to start out with a model based on hourly rates. Later on, after the nearshore team has acquired the necessary domain knowledge and if the client finds this relevant, switching to a fixed rate model is relatively simple.

Scalability and the industry’s best IT consultants

ProData Consult is geared to help our clients scale IT resources quickly and effectively without compromising on quality. We have advanced processes and IT systems that enable us to limit our ramp up time to just 15 to 45 days for virtually all technologies.

All of our consultants have a minimum of 5 years of professional IT work experience, a university education in computer science and documented expertise regarding the desired technology and competence.

Understanding outsourcing and nearshoring

Outsourcing means that a company spins off certain functions or activities previously performed internally to a contractor either in the home country or abroad (offshore if the country is far away, and nearshore if the country is close by).

Nearshoring means moving some operations or business processes to a country with lower living expenses within the same cultural and geographical sphere as the company’s home country. Nearshoring has advantages over offshoring in relation to time zone differences, culture, language and the political situation.

Three easy steps to getting started with nearshoring in Poland:

  1. Write to us about your nearshoring needs at:
  2. Check out profiles of our nearshoring consultants and get proof of our high level of expertise.
  3. Come to our offices in Warsaw for a no-strings-attached visit and talk to our consultants and employees. The visit can be arranged as a one-day trip.

You can also download our white paper on nearshoring in Poland here:

Interested in Nearshoring?

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With ProData Consult Nearshoring as a service you get access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, and you will profit from the large amount of highly specialized and competent IT specialists Poland can offer.

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