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ProData Consult: Business and IT consultants

ProData Consult is one of the largest independent consultancies in the Nordic region. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, with branches / subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Our extensive national and international network of business and IT consultants enables us to identify and present the right consultant for your business. We ensure that our consultants have industry-relevant experience and possess the right skills to do the job.

Managers in the private and public sectors are challenged daily by strategic and operational tasks concerning globalization, efficiency, growth and development. As a consulting company, ProData Consult offers competent and independent consulting, management, development, operation and testing to help companies reach their goals.

We are one of the largest suppliers of business and IT consultants within our segment, and we only supply senior consultants and specialists with at least five years professional experience and expertise in the required core competencies. ProData Consult has a broad network of contacts, and we have more than 28,000 validated business and IT consultants who cover more than 5,000 different competencies. Our consultants have an average experience of more than 10 years.

ProData Consult specializes in finding business consultants with deep, sector-specific knowledge in the following industries:

  • The finance industry
  • The energy sector
  • The transport and logistics sector
  • The telecommunications and IT industry

We have in-depth understanding of the challenges facing these industries and know what competencies are in demand. We work with the largest companies, and we are among the largest suppliers of consultants to these industries in Scandinavia.

A growing consulting company

Founded in 1994 by IT consultants, ProData Consult is now owned by the private equity company Polaris and by a group of senior staff and board members. The company has experienced steady growth over the years, and has continuously expanded a national and international network of consultancies in Scandinavia and Europe. We deliver consistent positive financial results, and have repeatedly won recognition as a gazelle company, which denotes a growth business that has at least doubled its revenues over a four year period.

In 2019, ProData Consult Group grossed €137 million.

If you would you like to experience an consulting company that's on the move, you are welcome to call us at +45 4343 1171, or visit us at our offices.

The leading supplier of business and IT consultants

ProData Consult is a consulting company characterized by competitive pricing, flexibility, quick delivery, security and stability as well as the highest standards of IT competencies. We believe cooperation and personalized service is paramount.

Read what our clients say about us.

Our mission as a consulting company:

"To help clients with their business and IT needs by delivering uncompromising quality"

In addition to market-leading IT consultants, ProData Consult offers a wide range of benefits and services. Our offers include:

ProData Consult solves IT challenges with a focus on utilizing and understanding IT at a commercial and strategic level. We optimize your business, reduce risks, and improve performance and achievements to let you focus on what you are best at.

With a team of experts and senior specialists, we can tailor a service that suits your needs and solves the exact challenge you face. In other words, you are in safe hands when you choose us as a consulting company.

Contact us now by phone +45 4343 1171 and hear how together, we can find a professional solution for your business challenges.

Award-winning consulting company

ProData Consult's impressive growth and results have not gone unnoticed, and over the years we have been recognized with a number of awards.

The Danish business newspaper 'Dagbladet Børsen' has chosen ProData Consult as one of its elite gazelle companies a total of 6 times, and by 2013, we had been awarded 'Denmark's best and most talented IT consulting company' five times in nine years by Computerworld/IDG. We're proud that our work has been recognised, and with our focus on high-quality service, good and open dialogue and competent advice, we strive to remain the best consulting company in the country.

Prodata Consult Awards Diplomer

Interested in Nearshoring?

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With ProData Consult Nearshoring as a service you get access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, and you will profit from the large amount of highly specialized and competent IT specialists Poland can offer.

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