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Region Sjælland:

A good and professional tone

For a political organization, there are some specific preconditions for the process of hiring external consultants. Since the whole process is very mechanical, the communication between us and the supplier of consultants is limited. Therefore, it is beneficial if the supplier of consultants is acquainted with our organization. ProData Consult has delivered consultants to us in several years, and thus knows what profiles and competences that fit into our organization. And the volume that ProData Consult has is obviously advantageous. There is a comfort in knowing that you only get the most qualified consultants.

Throughout all the years we have worked with ProData Consult, the collaboration has gone smoothly, and I have always only experienced a good and professional tone. The most important thing when hiring in consultants for projects is to get a consultant with the exact level and competences. Therefore, it is essential that your collaborator manages to redeem this, and here ProData Consult hits the nail on the head.      

When we need external consultants for a project, we use a framework agreement for consultants. With this framework agreement, the invited suppliers can make an offer according to the framework terms. Therefore, we have had the pleasure of working with ProData Consult on several occasions.

As a political organization, it can be difficult to predict the number of projects each year as this is changeable. For this reason, we need to be able to scale continuously and accordingly, and so we use external consultants. It also gives a flexibility to use external consultants because you have the opportunity to hand-pick the exact competences you need and for the desired period of time.         

I am generally satisfied with our collaboration with ProData Consult, where both the contact I have had with my ProData Consult contact person and the assigned consultants have been smooth and professional.    

Henning Trier
IT development manager

Københavns Kommune:

The process in finding the right consultant is efficient

Because of the good co-operation, ProData Consult is one of our preferred collaborators. A supplier of consulting services is only as good as the last agreement, and, therefore, we cheat a little and always check with others to make sure we find the best candidate. We work with ProData Consult because they have repeatedly delivered exactly what we requested. For that reason, ProData Consult is on the list of possible providers of consultants every time.   

ProData Consult manages to hit the bull’s eye regarding profile and demands, and they are also available when necessary. They are competent in understanding our needs and asking the right questions, so it becomes clear what the exact profile and role we are looking for in a candidate is.

Sometimes we experience a more urgent need for a fast scale-up, for example if an employee unexpectedly gives notice. In regards to this, ProData Consult has due care and diligence – they understand that in pressing situations you have to work fast as a provider of consultants, otherwise you risk to be overlooked.  

The process in finding the right consultant is efficient. ProData Consult delivers heavy IT-profiles, therefore, it is especially important that we completely agree about the consultant-profile we are looking for. We speak to ProData Consult about the details and are quickly directed to the exact profile we are looking for. Shortly after, we are given some proposals for qualified consultants. Openness and honesty about the candidates are important. ProData Consult does not offer unqualified profiles and they clearly states, if they cannot deliver based on our exact demands so we can move on quickly.

ProData Consult is competent in finding the right match for the assignment and for our organization. We have been very pleased with agreements, and this reflects that price, quality, and expectations all come together. We do not request the heaviest profiles, but when we do, ProData Consult has managed to match both the competence and price level.     

Overall, ProData Consult is competent at finding profiles with the exact competences and at the same time meeting the terms of duration, price, and starting Date. Furthermore, they have enough volume to be able to satisfyingly contribute when we have a request. We are indeed pleased with ProData Consult.

Bjarne Lund
Head of Department in the Municipality of Copenhagen


The cooperation is smooth and unproblematic

At LE34, we use ProData Consult for our nearshoring. This means that we have hired two developers who is located in ProData Consult’s nearshoring center in Poland. From here, they maintain the line of apps that we use. We have chosen to do it this way as we have previously tried other procedures unsuccessfully. We tried to manage it internally for a while, but we had to admit that we do not have a profile that attracts the best app developers in Denmark. Not many in Denmark have the skills we are requesting and those who have prefer to work in more attractive companies than a land surveying/GIS firm, so we frankly cannot find qualified people in Denmark.

Therefore, we looked into our options, and after a thorough analysis of ProData Consult and their work processes we found that they were the best fit for our needs. ProData Consult has a credible package and profile which caused us to take on with them. Prior to choosing ProData Consult, we were in dialogue with an Indian company who offered a similar package. Unfortunately, it had several shortcomings in relation to our expectations. There were some difficulties in relation to culture and mutual understanding which we could not overcome. With the ProData nearshoring setup in Poland, the dialogue is simple and direct.         

We are extremely satisfied with ProData Consult. We do not have a finger to put on either the collaboration with ProData Consult or the two consultants located in Poland. The cooperation is smooth and unproblematic. Everything is as it is supposed to be, and we have a close dialogue with the ProData Consult representative who is always just an email away. Through an online chat portal, we are always online with our consultants in Poland so it is just like as if they were sitting next to us.    

Our experience with ProData Consult is that the consultants in Poland are offered good working conditions. They enjoy being part of a bigger community where there are others who do corresponding work and this is beneficial as there are only two of them. The location in Poland is also easily accessible as it is close to the airport. You are met with a nice environment when you step in to the premises, so not only are our people in Poland happy, it is also easy and neat for us. Everything is as you would hope for.  

The hiring process itself was fast, but despite the rapidity of the process we were still provided with high-quality candidates, so it was very satisfying. Prior to our visit in Poland and with only a month notice, ProData Consult Denmark had found 12 candidates who came to the job interview. The visit went smoothly, and it was easy to find the right candidates, so we could scale fast.

ProData Consult is good at finding the right match for both the job and our organization. It is easy and scalable, and the financial circumstances are as they should be. For us, it is not a question of saving money. We could have hired consultants for about the same amount of money in Denmark - but not close to the same qualifications. For this, ProData Consult’s network in Poland has been a great resource to tap into.

Thorbjørn Mandahl Pedersen
Executive at GIS and internal development at land surveying firm LE34


It was an ‘aha’ experience is an online fashion market place which is a platform for thousands of clothing and shoe vendors. This means that we aren’t a traditional fashion clothing webshop, but rather a tech company which needs access to expert development resources because of our product’s constant development. 

This is why looking towards Poland was an obvious choice when we decided to expand our development division. And here ProData Consult was a good choice as a supplier, for example because of their large network of developers in Poland and the established setup they provide.

Even though we were searching for very specific competencies, including extensive experience with PHP and .NET development, we had interviews with several qualified candidates. That was an ‘aha’ experience considering how difficult it can be to find the right people in a small country like Denmark.

And all of the consultants ProData Consult provided were also highly motivated. They had a very professional approach to working with product development, and it wasn’t necessary to spend time on explaining project structure, tools and terms, because they were all familiar with them. 

But what we fell for when it was time to select a supplier was ProData Consult’s attractive model: there is no need to take people on staff, you can get started with 30 days’ notice, and you don’t have to commit to three months at a time, all of which saves you money. So it’s a no brainer if you want to get a development team started as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, billing is easy to handle, because you can see what you’re being charged for hour for hour, and in Danish kroner rather than Polish zloty.

Konrad Kierklo
Co-founder and Group CEO


KMD's experiences with Nearshoring in Poland

KMD began using ProData Consult's Nearshoring service in Poland in autumn 2014. Michael Anders Christiansen is Senior Project Manager in KMD and handles the daily management of ProData Consult's Nearshoring consultants in Warsaw.

"In my project in KMD, the team needed to be expanded by another five developers and two testers. Based on my

skill requirements, ProData Consult delivered 17 consultant CVs and their HR department then coordinated two tightly-packed days of interviews of all candidates in Warsaw. One of the candidates dropped out, but our expectations for qualified candidates were fully met and I am extremely satisfied with the entire process.

ProData Consult also handles all contract work on behalf of KMD.

Afterwards, all ProData consultants came to Denmark for two weeks to be introduced to the project and get to know the Danish team and vice versa. Unfortunately, one of the consultants was not notified that the meeting was taking place in Copenhagen, so he showed up at ProData's office in Warsaw. However, ProData made sure he was in Copenhagen the next day. The most important thing for me is that both teams can be merged into one team with no obstacles to daily work in terms of phone calls, chats, Lync meetings, etc.

I have really enjoyed ProData's professionalism in providing highly qualified consultants. Both on a technical/professional level and also on a personal level. After just a few weeks, I have already seen that the close cooperation is working and there is no distinction between the nationalities in the team.

ProData Consult has since requested follow-up at two meetings regarding progress and expectations for future cooperation. I am very satisfied with the way ProData makes sure the customer is satisfied with the results."

Michael Anders Christiansen
Senior Project Manager

Nordic Aviation Capital:

Get all services at one place

Nordic Aviation Capital is a company in extremely rapid growth, which sets high demands to the company’s strategic, tactical and operational development.

It has been a massive challenge, as IT-manager, to meet the strategic goals and to maintain a synergy and link between the business strategy and technological support. On the operational level, this has meant challenges in finding the right IT-resources and competences which could lift the assignments fast enough while being able to maintain high quality delivery.

With ProData Consult as supplier of IT-consultancy, management services and with their near shoring center in Warsaw, Poland, I have a full-service provider, where I can get all services at one place. Having ProData as partner gives a great value because they offer new opportunities and services which I had never thought of before.

I have received management and strategic IT consulting, which has lifted the IT organization to a whole new level and created a strong link between business strategy and IT strategy, thereby ensuring the necessary impetus and optimization of the company's operating costs and agility.

In addition, ProData Consulting services have given me the ability to scale up using highly qualified skills. Furthermore, the implementation of Nearshoring using Polish consultants in ProData’s near shoring Centre in Warsaw has been a very positive experience. Both because of the consultants' very high level of competence but also their proactive approach and agility and not least an attractive price.

The partnership has met all the requirements and demands we had before we began working together - it is completely satisfactory. We could almost not keep up with the level of service that has been delivered, and I have a feeling that the red carpet is constantly being rolled out to me as a customer.

Mads Krog Jensen
IT Manager

Santander Consumer Bank (DK):

Rapid access to qualified skills

With ProData Consult as a supplier of IT consultants, we get rapid access to qualified skills and resources. They are characterized by their professionalism and quality, and the consultants are quick to adapt to our tasks, understand their roles and become an integrated part of our team.

With quality and speed ProData Consult has made ​​our development incredibly scalable and flexible. 

Flemming Kirkskov
IT Director

GN Netcom:

The qualified consultants we require at short notice

I am fully satisfied with our working relationship with ProData Consult, which is characterized by a high level of professionalism. I greatly appreciate the ability of the ProData Consult team to find the qualified consultants we require at short notice, especially at a time when this need can arise almost from one day to the next.

Not only are the IT Consultants from ProData Consult professionally skilled, but they also succeed on a social level, integrating seamlessly into the team joining in the dialogue with our business. They have most certainly made a contribution to our success in delivering projects within deadline and budget – to the great satisfaction of our business.

Kenneth Ullmann
IT eApplications


Really competent consultants to match our requirements at very short notice

Several years ago, ProData Consult were recommended to us by colleagues in the industry. In 2003, we signed the first agreement about delivery of consulting services and this has continued ever since.

In my opinion, words like professionalism, honesty, flexibility and promptness characterise ProData Consult. 

ProData has demonstrated that they are able to supply some really competent consultants to match our requirements at very short notice. If we move into a new field of technology, we will immediately get a consultant with the competence profile required to perform the task – and this saves time! When I contact ProData Consult, it will not take more than two days for them to send us a qualified consultant. 

I know exactly what I will get and I know the price of the jobs, which means that there will be no unpleasant surprises. Also, I appreciate the open dialogue and flexibility in relation to me as the client as well as the appropriate follow-up performed to verify the progress of the task.

Gert Wulff
Project Manager

TDC Online:

Fast access to qualified resources that can really do the business

It's now a number of years since TDC entered into a framework agreement with ProData Consult, and that makes ProData an obvious first choice for us.

When we've had nothing but positive experiences year after year, the consultants referred to us are of a high standard and the projects we've set them to work on get carried out at the right price and quality we've no reason to look anywhere else. 

We've really built up close relations with them; and what I value most of all is that ProData have matched our requirements with qualified consultants every time. Plus, they do it really quickly!

It makes my working day a whole lot easier knowing that I've got that flexible buffer in place! Especially when new unexpected projects turn up. I know that I've got fast access to qualified resources that can really do the business. That means that we get much more done than we otherwise would do and can deliver on all our projects. It makes my world a whole lot easier!

ProData’s IT consultants also provide a new angle on our daily work. They bring new ideas and a wealth of experience to the table – they've done plenty of things I haven't. Plus, they're proactive in their approach and join in as team players together with our permanent staff.

Flemming Mahler
Department Head


A consultancy house with a great many contacts and a giant network

The reason why I used external IT consultants the first time was that I was short of development resources. I was in a situation in which I simply did not have enough staff to get the projects done.

ProData Consult, the consultancy house, has been working with TDC for many years now, and we have a framework agreement with them. However, the main reason why I choose to work with them is their competent staff, who do a great job in delivering the right resources - and delivering them fast. I often find myself in situations where I need IT competences four days ago - so things really have to move!

In my experience, ProData Consult is a very flexible consultancy house with a great many contacts and a giant network that allows them to find highly qualified IT resources very quickly. Their IT consultants are competent, committed and motivated. The consultants contribute fully, are very proactive and really add knowledge to our projects.

Lars Olling
IT Manager


Knowledge and understanding of our business

When it comes to human skills, it is inherently difficult to standardize in order to compare rates. Therefore, the communication with our ProData Consult account manager has been of great importance.

It has been valuable to us that the account manager knows about our industry, our segment and that he has built up knowledge and understanding of our business, culture, current projects and general situation. Technical terms and internal abbreviations are understood and effectively translated into consultant matches.

ProData Consult has a great CV database which is usually highlighted as a distinct advantage. But when ProData Consult manages to combine the contents of this CV database with the account manager's client knowledge and his personal knowledge of the consultants, it turns into real supplier strength: accuracy in the total consultant match is improved significantly. This is most evident when the consultant's social skills and preferences regarding allocation scope and duration match our needs and desires.

Henrik Estrup
Section Manager


The consultants are capable, professional and high performers

SDC has been using ProData Consult for IT consultancy services for several years.

Their consultants have always been extremely competent, with extensive technical experience, and have therefore played an important role in the development of our systems.

As the person ultimately responsible for the success of a project, it is vitally important for me to have complete confidence that the IT consultants involved in the project know their stuff. It is no good if after a while I discover that the consultant is not performing well. It is a waste of time and resources, and worst case it can delay a project.

With ProData Consult I am completely confident that the consultants assigned to the project are the right people: The consultants are capable, professional and high performers.

ProData Consult knows how to deliver the goods.

Ole Kyhnæb
Project Manager

Find your consultant at ProData Consult

At ProData Consult, we have a flexible and transparent approach to finding the right consultant to meet our clients' challenges and needs. We take pride in constructive and seamless cooperation to provide our clients with the best possible experience.

Our core business is the provision of business and IT consultants for a client base that includes the largest and most IT-intensive companies, as well as smaller organizations, small businesses and start-ups. Whatever the scope or complexity of the task, we're experts at matching client, consultant and project for maximum results.

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