We handle the administration of the consultant

Once ProData Consult has put the right IT consultant in place, we'll make your life even easier by handling all administrative details throughout the project. 

  • Design of contracts and extensions
  • Consultant insurance
  • Time reports and billing
  • Reconciliation of hours between consultant and client
  • Client access to a state-of-the-art online administration module

We handle everything concerning the management of IT consultants

ProData Consult stands behind the quality of the delivery from start to finish, and we manage everything from finding the right consultant to quality assurance and management of the consultancy tasks.

Our core business is the supply of IT consultants on a time and material basis. Hourly rates depend on the necessary competencies and the duration of each task. Our sales department is always ready to provide an estimate for a consultant's hourly rate within a few hours.

We also work on fixed-price contracts and operating agreements as Service Level Agreements.

Our contracts and agreements are flexible and transparent, as we serve a wide range of clients, from the largest and most IT-intensive companies and institutions to smaller organizations, small businesses and start-ups.

With a ProData Consult framework, you get IT assistance on a time and material basis from a supplier that specializes in helping clients find the right core competencies and scaling their resource needs. Our agreement also gives you the competitive prices you expect from us and free access to our powerful consultant administration module.

We are always flexible with respect to start times, prices and contractual relationships.

Free access to the administration module which ensures overview and efficiency

With access to ProData Consult's free online consultant administration tool, you'll have an overview of consultants, contracts, costs and more at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Log into the module to view:

  • all active consultants on contract with the client / company
  • the total consulting costs for the company for a desired period
  • consultant performance in real time, for individual consultants and all consultants
  • each consultant's hourly consumption, price and reference person
  • contract length for consultants
  • all offered consultant candidates and their CVs
  • status of all requests from the client
  • consultant evaluations and quality measurement of completed projects

Reports and documents are generated based on real-time data from our system. You can view any given time period by entering the desired dates.

There are no extra administrative costs to use the module. As a ProData Consult client, you have free and unlimited online access to the administration module.