Best Practice no. 5, 2015

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2014 was the best year ever for ProData Consult.

Welcome to 2015

2014 was the best year ever for ProData Consult: More than 750 different ProData consultants were engaged in projects.

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Preben Mejer is accustomed to taking a look at the IT landscape of the future.

The Trend guru's five future technologies

For anyone interested in new technology, Preben Mejer will not need much introduction. For many years he has commented on future technical innovations, and their potential impacts for people and society. Best Practice asked Preben Mejer to weed out some of the many global IT trends and narrow the field to the five IT areas he expects most of, in both the immediate and more distant future.

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Interview with Peter Suhr, Managing  Partner, Gartner.

Gartner: Seize the digital business moments

According to Gartner, 2015 will be characterised by the digital business moments that arise in the borderland between well-known business models and new technology. Spot these business moments and create some business from them, is the recommendation.

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Interview with Hans Peter Vibe, CTO, IBM.

IBM focuses on systems of insight

IBM's strategic focus for Denmark in 2015 can be broken down into two old IT chestnuts and a completely new concept. The three areas all share in common that they have the potential to speed up business development across industries.

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Interview with Simon Mørup-Petersen, Consulting Director, Oracle.

Oracle preaches simplification in 2015

Make sure that your IT strategy reduces, rather than increasing, the complexity of your business. In rough terms, this is Oracle's simple recipe for success for the next many years ahead. Best Practice had a chat with the Danish Consulting Director, asking him to amplify the simplification agenda.

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Interview with Ole Kjeldsen,  Technology Director, Microsoft.

Cloud & Mobility dominate Microsoft's 2015 agenda

Cloud first and Mobile first are top of Microsoft's agenda for 2015, according to its Danish Technology Director. All of the products and services that are sent into the market support the Cloud's vast computing power, combined with agile mobile data collection.

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